I am being brutally honest when I say I don’t like being contradicted. My ego is the size of a football pitch. Needless to say, if you contradict me, I look to see if you are correct. This trait has enabled me stumble on new information that otherwise I would not have known without looking it up. Students would do well not to just to argue with material but investigate why certain types of knowledge, and not others exist. I am a great football fan, recently I was telling friends about how the Chelsea football club goalkeeper, Peter Cech got his head injury. I was sure that it a Hull City player that injured him, until someone shot up, raised his voice and challenged me.

Admittedly, I was for a moment, crestfallen but I had it to Google it .He was right it was a Reading football club player.

I have had this fallacy, that my view of things is always correct. As (Paul & Elder , 2006 ) put it: shoddy thinking can be costly: in terms of quality of life and money, this trait has hasn’t exactly endeared me to or earned me many friends. Trouble with thinking that you are always right, is that it generates so much friction with friends because it puts you in a defensive mode all the time and this makes it really hard to have a sincere conversation with anyone.


Paul, R. & Elder, L. (2006). The miniature guide to critical thinking: Concepts and tools. Dillon Beach CA: The Foundation for Critical Thinking.