HU245 Unit 6 Assignment

HU245 Ethics

Death Penalty in Georgia

Dear Governor Nathan Deal,

In 2001 Georgia ruled that electrocution was unconstitutional. We have begun using the lethal injection method of execution. This method is the best method to help deter crime, and let offenders know that you will have to face your consequences. I believe that this method is a retributive theory. Using this “eye for an eye” method is the best way for the offenders to learn. I would like to believe that when someone is executed for a heinous crime, it would set an example for the other offenders in the future, it is a crime deterrent.

I do not feel that the death penalty should be abolished. When an offender murders someone, they take someone life away. Not only are they taking someone’s life, but that someone has a family and friends who will miss them dearly. In my opinion, it isn’t fair to the victim or family. No, I don’t think taking someone’s life is a good thing, but in situations such as this, it should be ruled upon.

When someone commits murder or other heinous crimes, before any death penalty is given, it should be taken into a great deal of consideration. Did the person who commit the crime do this intentionally? There are many questions to be asked. I think in certain situations; this penalty isn’t needed. If someone is in fear for their life or others, and shoots the offender, I feel like this would be a circumstance to look at.

I wouldn’t always think that the death penalty is a good thing, but I do feel as if it teaches criminals a lesson. In situations such as this, I would say put yourself in the victim’s shoes, or the family. If you were to think of yourself in a situation such as this, would you want justice to be served? Would you want someone to pay for what they have done to your family member, child, or mom? I would want justice. Thank you for taking the time to hear my opinion on why we shouldn’t abolish the death penalty.


Lindsey Singletary


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