Cultural Activity Report

Cultural Activity Report

Strayer University

HUM 112

Cultural Activity Report

The cultural activity report location that I had visit was the Hampton University Museum in Virginia. I had visit this museum a few years ago, so this is the closest and earliest time I’ve committed myself to going to a museum. My initial reaction upon arriving at the museum was “overwhelmed”. There were hundreds of different paintings on the wall and they had plenty of brochures with so much information about different events. Aside from feeling overwhelmed, I was pretty excited, the last time I was at a museum was when I was around 8 with my Aunt in New York.

One of the first pieces I saw immediately caught my attention and drew me in. It had to do with a painting that belong to some students from Hampton University. This picture was incredible and had some great information. Reviewing the art was about the Hampton years and the artists John Biggers, Samella Lewis, Elizabeth Catlett and so much more. Completing my research, I found out that an art professor Viktor Lowenfeld was an immigrant from Austrian Jewish. He also had pieces that were created in the art department at Hampton University. Reviewing the material it states that it celebrates the legacy of the outstanding artists, and they also honor the stewardship of their excellent work.

To be honest I would had love to see more from the history of African American paintings and art figures. But there was an art piece called “The Banjo Lesson” painting and it was amazing. Reading the information the painter of the Banjo piece was for an African American life. The painting is depicting a musical talent from the painter. The painting is showing a depiction contrasts strongly with stereotypical depictions of a banjo player. The painting is also showing the child playing in a new style and the child is young but his advance skills do show through the painting.

Reviewing the pictures and the details in canvas in the center on the central figures is amazing, it shows the brushstrokes are looser, and the surrounding space is sparse with plenty of details. The painting expresses a light shadow that is reminiscent of Rembrandt giving the work of musicians. Walking through the Native American art collection was amazing, and it had so much information to learn. Being at the museum and the campus was beautiful and seeing everything with lots of significant history was great. In my opinion, it provided a great educational experience for the students and me who attend the University.


In the moral of my enjoyed experience by visiting the museum. This experience has expanded my horizon of history and encouraged me to a more hands-on experience. The awesome thing about the museum also is that they will have a variety of pieces that represents so many cultures. They also have many brochures that help you navigate through the different artifacts and paintings. My overall reaction after attending the event was that I wish my dad were here to enjoy this with me. There are so many different important areas that he would have enjoyed. I sent a copy of this assignment to my daughter so she can take the time to enjoy the school that she attends. I’m glad for assignments like these that allows me to take learning beyond the comfort of my home. Sometimes as adults we get stuck into talking about it and not doing anything about it. The assignment touches my heart with a lot of our history and its importance, this event was priceless to the impression that it left on me. I will make it a habit to visit museums near my family from now on.


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