Social Media and Me

Social media and me


Social media and me

My career goal is to become an attorney specializing in construction law. A good friend of mine is an attorney who specializes in Criminal justice law. I often ask him questions about his networking methods and how he markets himself to get new clients. He tells me that he establishes new clients through referrals, he further implied that lawyers shouldn’t market themselves so heavily as it would taint their appearance as an attorney. He would explain to me that practicing law is a prestigious career and keeping a good image was one of the most important part of it. When I am an attorney, I would market my services using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I believe that a strong presence on these social media platforms would allow my services to be discoverable. I would make my Facebook profile very appealing to my target audience as well as market in the areas my services are offered using target market tools that the social media platforms offer. Facebook also offers business profiles and with my current Facebook page I over 3000 followers in the Los Angeles area, with that said when I become a licensed attorney, I am going to pay Facebook for their service of target audience marketing. In addition to Facebook, I will post weekly tweets on twitter about legal issues or political issues in Southern California in hopes to engage audience in the subject matter of construction law in Southern California. Currently my twitter presence is not as strong as my Facebook presence, however; I am hoping to build it up over the next few years. LinkedIn is yet another strong social media platform that I will be utilizing as the platform offers professional legitimacy that I will very much need. I am going to use blog sites to answer legal question that some might have in the field of construction law, the blog will consist of a Q and A in specific questions relevant to construction law. This blog will have a direct link to my LinkedIn. Social media is a strong platform as it combines our personal lives with our professional lives.

The amount of activities and interaction that people have daily with social media say a lot about our identity. (Symond, 2014). In job interviews today some employers might even look up a potential new hire on various social media platforms to gain a deeper understand of which type of individual they are interested in hiring. Social media can destroy of build a business image, it is a powerful and important marketing source in our world today.


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