Human Environmental Relationship

Human Environmental Relationship

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In the first clip by Neil (Gregorio 2012), the interrelationship between the different universes is a significant concern. Neil asserts that different atoms making the environment compose the different universes. Galaxy in the universe break down forming gases used by human to breathe and by plants too. The atoms making the galaxy are part of flora and fauna.

Chief Seattle’s speech of 1852 treaty reply to the remaining Salish land brings out the idea of the uniqueness of every creature on earth (Mahlness 2009). He brings the idea of interconnection between Salish citizens and their land. Seattle shows the essence of every creature on the land, both leaving and nonliving and their influence on human behavior. Like he says the water is blood of ancestors flowing over the land. He thus shows ought that the layman will lead to the destruction of the biodiversity resulting in adverse effects of erosion, pollution, and later global warming.

Human venture into technological advancement will result in human being destroying himself as the third video on HawkingVideo (2010) asserts. Hawking gives the example of nuclear atomic bombs and their effects on the human to portray how advancing technological knowledge influences human activities and behavior.

David Suzuki, in his speech, talks about the vital interrelationship between human genomes and those of other organisms (11thhouraction 2007). David thus asserts that, as postulated by economists, the economy is not the bottom line, but humans are the bottom line. Suzuki thus encourages us to treat life with great humility and respect. Not only should humans protect the life of fellow humans but also the wellbeing of other organisms in the environment.

The final clip on Wangari Mathai’s speech of 2006 expresses the relationship between scarce natural resources and human (FOR 2006). The conflict between human and natural resources results on the effects of global warming. Wangari encourages human to learn how to take care of the environment and biodiversity. The speech seeks to encourage human to protect biodiversity through the practice of such measures which encourage reduced pollution.

All these articles seem to bring out the idea of the interrelationship between different forms of diversity within the different universe. They encourage man to take control of the environment and practice such measures which are environmentally friendly.


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