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1. How has the job of human resources professionals changed over the past two decades? How is it going to change in the coming two decades? Provide a forecast of trends in HR that you see forthcoming.

The human resource department has undergone numerous changes in the last two decades. Initially, it was referred as the personnel department and it was tasked with only keeping records of the employees, determining wages and compensations and ensuring that the company is compliant with the law. Over the last two decades, the human resource department has grown and diversified thanks to technology and the emergence on new trends (Morgan, 2013). Rather than focusing on the management of employees as it was in the past, the department currently focuses on engaging employees developing corporate culture. There is also focus on activities that increase productivity rather than just ensuring that the employees perform their tasks. Employees with special gifts and talents are also recognized and rewarded by the company through the department (Bailey et al., 2018).

In the near future, the human resource department will continue to evolve and adapt to the changes in the market. It will be more of marketing as the recruiters will hire people depending on some specific segments so as to ensure they get exactly what they are looking for. There will also be more outsourcing and minimum in-house human resource management. Currently the trend of outsourcing can be said to be just beginning. By twenty years, it is almost obvious that that will be the dominant trend in business (Briscoe et al., 2012). The reward system of employees will also be more personalized towards employees and more transparent. The increasing openness in the benefits that employees derive from work may be a clear indication that in future, rewards and compensation will be more openly discussed and personalized to fit the consumer.


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