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Planning is an important determinant of business success. Planning alone without implementation can be costly as some of the planned factors may turn to be challenged and thus end up affecting the organization, in an adverse manner. Implementation of plans made is important and thus said entities need to be addressed wholly an individual to ensure that an organization does not suffer from combined concerns. Our concerned organization here (Under Armour), in this phase, we are concerned about factor within and outside the organization, competition, future outlook of the organization and implementation of tools for measuring business success. In this case, we handle factors in a manner that the organization will have an open eye on the inward and outward environment resulting in its success. Our business is dealing with footwear, sport, and casual attire and thus the implementation plan is focusing on achieving such goals related to wear products.

Internal and External issues

These include the factors which accrue to the success and failure of our business. Any organization will have its success determined by such factor within the internal and external environment of the business. In this case, in reference to internal issues, there a number of issues which affect the operation of a business, internal communication, which involves interaction between workers in similar department or team, is important for the better operation of any organization. Employees feel free to deliver when instructions from management are clearly given. The structure of the business will also be a key factor in implementation planning as it determines how work is done for the success of a business. The internal structure should thus be laid in a way that employees are working to the best of their level. The array in operation should follow a given order and activities planned in different departments to maximize production.

Considering external issues, the law is the primary factor we need to consider, the government in the areas we are operating in can term our products as unsafe if they do not adhere to the conditions of production within the country. Most states are trying to get away with production of products which are non-biodegradable or those promoting greenhouse effect. No business runs without finance and thus interests rates subjected to our products should be considered in the implementation planning. Basic ways of communicating with customers are important and with the growing technology we need to consider advertisement via social media, (Fui-Hoon, Lee-Shang & Kuang, 2001)


In the marketplace, different people sale what they have and different organizations may produce antagonistic products. With footwear and sportswear produced by Under Armour, we have other organizations which are producing the same. Being involved in sponsorship activities in sports and movies to advertising the products, Under Armour is facing a challenge incompletion and thus need to develop a better method of competing in the market. With grown competitors like Nike and Addidas in the footwear industry, it might be a challenge to grow but through the employment of strategic perspective, we can go through. This will include reduction of cost to reach desires of prospective customers, (Mahdi, Abbas, Mazar & George, 2015).

Developing a business model will be important to fit the competitive market. This will include developing certain strategies which enable the organization fit in the market area. This will include understanding the behavior of customers and that of the competitors within the marketplace. As Under Amour is faced with a challenge of competitors like Nike who have built a name in the footwear market, studying consumer demand will be a solution as they will be in a position to compete favorably.

Future outlook for the organization

The future outlook for Under Armour will depend on their ability to employ required technology observing the changing market demand. There is bright future ahead with the changing trade in environmental conservation and even market demand of some product. Having employed technology in her commodities, Under Armour has a bright outlook in future and will end up beating the institutions dominating in the sports and footwear market, (Gunasekaran & Ngai, 2012)

Implementation Tools for Measuring Business Success

With the tools for measuring success, it will be clearly expressed if the business has achieved its purpose through, quality management, product design, customer focus, employee’s participation, recognition and award among other factors. A successful organization is recognized worldwide and the main contributor of this recognition is based on the participation of employees in decision making, focusing to satisfy customer need and being in a position to design the best product models which have required qualities, (Dyba, 2000).

In conclusion as the success of any business is in its ability to plan, implementing plans should be considered important aspect in every business which must be taken with relevant concern to the internal and external factors, understanding consumer and competitors in the market, determining the business ability to stand in the competitive market and setting up a future outlook.


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