Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen


Week 1 Assignment

Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen

GEN499 General Education Capstone


Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen

Today’s discussion is “The Importance of Becoming a Global Citizen.” The elaboration includes how global citizenship adapts to today’s world of technology to enhance my educational journey, work, and personal life. Additionally, I will explain why the conversation with theorist definition of global citizenship, provide my explanation of global citizenship, global citizenship outcomes and their responsibility to make a better world, why social justice and environmental sustainability are essential to becoming a global citizen. Lastly, I will give two personal examples, and illustrate the development of global citizenship, which will include two general education courses explaining how they influenced me to become a global citizen.

The Benefits of being a Global Citizen

After viewing the video “Globalization: What’s Happening to Us”? (2010), I learned that global citizenship is about loving, caring and sharing worldwide. We live in a diverse world, and diversity enables the student to take and study online classes globally. There are many examples in the video mentioned by Susan Sontag such as; “We’re standing in the ruins of man’s thoughts, and In the past, the Dutch could say: Look at South Africa, they live in poverty, why don’t you do something about it. Globalization means Holland has a direct link to South Africa poverty” Jakobs & Monfils (2010). Advanced Technology offers many avenues for success in today’s globalized world. For instance, my experience with advanced technology enabled me to acquire an Associate Degree from the University of Phoenix, and pursue my Bachelor’s Degree from Ashford University. One of the courses taken is Entrepreneurship and innovation which has helped me establish my own business and learn the necessary strategy to operate a business. (Stearns, 2014).


Global Citizenship Differences

Global Citizen focuses on individuals choices, living and thinking patterns cross country while embracing social justice and sustainability. According to Keysen, Pierce, Spencer, and Katzarska-Miller (2012b) “The theorist disagreement of a global citizen are from different methods and perspectives (e.g., political, theological, developmental, educational) to define the construct. For example, theorists in philosophy may emphasize on morality and ethics; education scholars may accentuate awareness globally, while others may avoid idealist and tenable due to the fact of its legitimacy. In my opinion, a global citizen is sharing the knowledge learned from my educational journey and life experiences to embrace the diverse cultures cross country. Classes such as; Personal Dimensions of Education (EXP 105) & Creativity & Innovation (BUS 365) allow me to utilize advanced technology to work remotely as from home as a freelance contractor.


The Outcomes of Global Citizen

The two outcomes of global citizenship I selected is social justice, environmental sustainability.

Social Justice

The outcome of social justice is utilizing your general educational skills and studies to think and act upon how we treat humanity. We live in an interconnected global world, where we communication with different culture on a daily basis which increases our global awareness. From taking classes online to shopping online. The internet has open doors that allow many individuals to become a global citizen.

Environmental sustainability

As global citizens, we share our concerns, thoughts, ideas, and for humanity worldwide. “General education has open the door for lawyers, doctors, teachers, professor, and other professional jobs to provide law and order, housing, food, and much more to us globally. Environmental Sustainability has paved the way increasing awareness for each to embrace cultures from all walks of life to try and live together in peace and harmony” (Reysen &Miller, 2013).

Personal Example of Social Justice

Over the years I have taken online classes with both University of Phoenix and Ashford University. These colleges allowed me the opportunity to experience social justice and diversity within the classroom. Sharing my educational and work experience with new people from all walks of the world both professors and classmates, enhanced my knowledge regarding global citizenship. Even though I don’t know my classmates or instructor personally, my social justice skill will allow me to treat the professor and classmate with utmost respect when responding to classroom discussion and assignment.


Personal Example of Environmental sustainability

A personal experience using my environmental sustainability awareness is my church experience as the First Lady. The church interconnects with different churches worldwide for the fundraiser program. From time to time we visit other countries sharing the word of God to unbelievers. Another personal experience is in the workplace. From time-to-time I work part-time for my husband company as a manager; the company has many diverse employees. My job duties as a manager are to make sure the employees are treated fairly by equally assigning jobs duties to each employee, and making sure payroll is on time. On a good day, I will offer free lunch for all.

How General Education Influenced my Life to become a Global Citizen

The two courses that influenced my educational journey is Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Creativity & Innovation. The Introduction to Entrepreneurship class taught me how to structure the business, strategic by turning the business into a venture, and how to generate a good business idea. In addition to conducting a customer analysis and marketing analysis to make sure I market the business wisely and stay ahead of my competitors. In the creativity & innovation class I learned how to be creative when creating the business ideas, and exactly how to structure the business to make things happen.



In conclusion, General Education has not only influence my life but the lives of millions. Over the years taking several courses to enhance our learning abilities has improved my ability to become a productive global and regular citizens. General Education has open the door for employment globally, as well as advanced technology. Many individuals have visited the United States via the student exchange programs and returned home to pursue their careers. I am so excited that I selected to return to colleges, because classes such as critical thinking has enable me to work toward my goal as an entrepreneur.



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