Importance of Education

Importance of Education


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Education can be defined as the process in which knowledge, skills and judgement is instilled into someone. There is the formal education where one is taught in a school under a set system and informal in which no official system is followed (Best & Kahn, 2016). It also involves whatever knowledge and skills learned to grow positively. Education is a key pillar of life and is important for one’s success. Below are some of the importance of education for various parties in the society.

First, it provides one with a comfortable life. An educated person is able tackle various challenges of life easily ensuring that they live a comfortable life. An educated person will make better decisions in preparation for the future compared to an uneducated person (Noddings, 2013). The main purpose of education is creating a difference in one’s life through application of what is learned (Englander & Carraccio, 2014). Living standards of a person are improved due to the numerous opportunities that become opened in one’s life.

People’s thinking is also opened allowing people to become more intelligent and realistic. They are able to reason out some of the negative elements in the present day system and replace it with new ones. For example gender equality has gained ground allowing for women to be given equal opportunities to men (Neyer, et al, 2013). Such reasoning creates confidence as one is less prone to suffering embarrassments which are associated with lack of will also be able to come up with more thoughtful opinions on matters.

Lastly, people are prepared to face the future. Through the learning of history, one is able to anticipate events which may recur and plan for them adequately. One is also made aware of the events and happenings taking place. Apart from history, there is also knowledge of the rights, the laws and regulations of the land. Abiding by them enables people to live peacefully and in harmony (Apple, 2012).

In conclusion, there are countless reasons on the importance of education. Education is a core part of life itself without which a person may not be able to survive in the modern day society. Everyone should take education seriously regardless of the position he or she occupies in life. This is because it provides a level ground for all to pursue our dreams and aspirations.


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