Importance of Mission and Vision Statements in Strategic Planning

Importance of Mission and Vision Statements in Strategic Planning


Importance of Mission and Vision Statements in Strategic Planning

The mission selected for Stevens District Hospital is to improve health by providing high-quality care. The vision is to provide the broadest range of services in the county. The background of Stevens District Hospital indicates that it has an aggressive quality management program and a low volume of medical malpractice claims. This would indicate to me that the hospital organization’s mission is to continue to qualify as a not for profit facility and provide general range of acute services. Improving health by providing high quality care indicates that their measurements are with the providers that they employ. The vision is to be the choice for the physician and patients when choosing a health care organization. Their goal is within 5 years to have multispecialty physician practice system with six family practice physicians and specialists to achieve this goal.

The strengths of the mission statement are improving health by providing quality care. Improving health is dependent on the professionals that are employed, resources that are provided, and range of services. The hospital was able to recruit one family practice physician to its primary care market. Currently Stevens District Hospital holds 52% of the patient population in the 96101-zip code.

The weakness of the mission statement is only improving health through quality care as it takes more that quality care to improve health. The mission statement does not clearly state how providing quality care will improve health. The mission statement also does not state why it wants to achieve the goal.

The mission and vision drive the strategic plan for the healthcare organization as it helps communicate the goals of the plan to employees and community. (Hawthorne, 2018) The mission statement clarifies primary purpose and measurable objectives of the organization. The vision statement describes the organizations purpose and values. Vision statements clarify the direction for employees. Mission statement helps measure whether the strategic plan aligns with the goals of the organization. Mission statement also defines the organization on its purpose and direction. Vision statements will provide focus on a strategy of the organization.


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