Improving Executive Core Qualifications Competency Sets

Improving Executive Core Qualifications Competency Sets

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Within the United States, organizations require individuals transiting from the office of personal management (OPM) to Senior Executive Services (SES) to hold various skills. These skills are termed as Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and each of the ECQs holds specific competency sets required to help individuals within the Executive review board to weigh whether such individuals are fit for required positions. Positions in the SES include; executive positions like supervisors and directors among others. To ensure that qualified individuals enter such positions Executive Core Qualifications are useful. Executive Core Qualifications are divided into five subsets each holding specific competencies which help reviews test experience and qualification of a given applicant. According to the United States Office of Personal Management (2010), the ECQs include; leading change, leading people, result driven, business acumen, and finally building coalition competency sets. The five specific competencies hold specific competencies which are essential in production, management and running an organization (Mau, 2017). They are interpersonal, political, and managerial personal skills among others. This paper discusses three competency sets which I would like to improve (leading change, leading people and building coalition) and means to improve each.

Leading change competency set

Leading change is a competency set which entails plans measures to acquire change inside and outside an organization in order to achieve organizational corporate goals and objectives. Executive Core Qualifications considers this competency set as mean to the establishment of organizational vision and implementation within changing environment. Competencies under the set include; creativity and innovation, external awareness, flexibility, vision and strategic thinking among others (Mau, 2017). Some areas I would improve include;

I would engage in activities which boost personal creativity and innovation by developing ideas concerning my field and organization. In the case of creativity and innovation, I would consider such measures which promote creativity and engage in productive activities which influence personal creativity. I would employ strategies which promote new ideas within my organization.

On the case of flexibility, I will ensure my approaches are such that they are subject to change and that they can absorb changing condition within the organization. This includes adapting to new information and unexpected errors and obstacles. With external awareness, I ensure am posted to current affairs locally, nationally and globally pertaining to my area of specialization. I would remain aware of the impacts of the organization on the environment and ensure I develop strategies which corner the negative impact.

I will also ensure I remain focused within, persistent and optimistic despite the pressure imposed on the economy. This would help me to have a vision and develop strategies for achieving the vision.

Leading people

This is another competency set worthy improvement. It entails controlling the manpower to achieve vision, mission, values, and goals or a firm. In consideration with Executive Core Qualifications, it refers to providing an inclusive workplace. It includes working in teams and constructive conflict resolution (Bowman et al., 2016). The strategy includes such approaches as problem-solving approaches. Leading people is among the competency sets I would like to improve for its worth in the Executive Core Qualifications and on organizational goals.

To achieve the improvement, I would first, confront counterproductive confrontation within the workforce and anticipate varying opinions from the workforce. I would consider strategies which promote constructive conflict management to ensure I poster good problem and conflict resolution strategies within the organization. To diversify the workforce, I would acquire strategies to poster inclusive workplace which considers individual differences and leveraging them to meet the goals of the organization. I will consider different approaches like formal and informal setting whereby the workforce can interact and enhance interpersonal development. I would inculcate strategies which promote teamwork to ensure that individuals within the organization work as a team for successful and uniform development.

Building coalition

The competency set is common in some individuals. You realize that at times organizations may have individuals who are not part of executive but are more influential than the position they hold. United States Office of Personal Management (2010), defines building coalition as a core qualification involving the ability to build coalitions internally and with federal agencies and other agencies nationally and internationally in order to achieve set goals. The competency set includes such competencies as partnering, political savvy and negotiations (Gupta, Chopra & Kakani, 2018). Building coalition is a competence set worthy improvement.

To improve the strategy would require familiarizing with changes within the economy and federal agencies pertaining to the workforce and organizations. After garnering such knowledge I will come up with strategies to support or meet such demands. For the case of being political savvy, I would adopt such behavior which is straightforward, authentic, genuine and effective. This includes such steps as; learning to think critically before speaking, manage up to a point, practicing being influential, honing my power of perception, understanding how to network with others, and finally being sincere. The strategy as portrayed by the United States Office of Personal Management (2010) would include identification of internal and external politics that impact the work of the organization and coming up with strategies to appropriately address the challenges. Finally, I would persuade others to focus on goal achievement.

In conclusion, executive core qualification is a standard for building corporate organizational culture. Competencies maintained in the ECQs are of crucial influence to any organization seeking individuals to fit in the senior Executive services position. Individuals within the office of personalmanagement should consider mounting up strategies which make them fit for the organizational leadership. The points discussed are worthy consideration since executive officers need not consider management competencies but also leadership.


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