In 500 words or more, discuss the benefits of dns failover as an adjunct to cloud failover

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In 500 words or more, discuss the benefits of dns failover as an adjunct to cloud failover.  

Over the past few years, it is observed that dns failover has become one of the most used service due to the fact that it is fairly cheap and it is also cheap when it comes to deployment and management. In this part of the paper, we are going to have a look at dns failover and looks at its advantage as compared to cloud servers.

Benefits associated with DNS failover

In the case a business uses connected application in order to provide key services to the customers or heavily relies on 100% for website uptime, it is quite necessary for them to have a failover strategy in place when there exists a blockage between the end user and their destination. Flavor is a term which makes reference to switching of resources to an alternative destination when there is a disruption of the original transfer method. In the case there is occurrence of a given failure which might be caused by an outage in the internet carrier a failover strategy plays a critical role in re-routing the traffic for its end destination

Cloud failover and dns failover are observed to be two methods which are used by business in order to offer protection to their systems but most of the business prefer to use dns failover because of the following reasons;

Dns failover is critical in helping the websites network service to remain accessible even during the times of event of outage. The dns is one of the protocol which is deployed which usually makes a translation of human readable hostnames and converts them into their respective ip addresses.

The other advantage is dns is the only system in the entire continent which is in a position to help one when it comes to browsing the entire internet. Since the internal is considered to be advancing to become an integral part of the society, it is becoming of great importance to ensure that the dns failover are continually maintained.

Need for prioritizing ip addresses. It is observed that dns failover usually provide a notify which is critical when it comes to conversion of domain to subdomain tot their respective ip addresses. For instance, it would be quite difficult for one to memorize the ip address which is associated with their various accounts such as twitter, facebook, google among others. It is a system which makes it easier to retrieve archival information.

As compared to cloud failover, dns failover is observed to have faster form of internet connections. For instance, it is observed that people and huge organizations in the market are more likely to use dns failover since they are considered to have a high level of internet connectivity.

Failover is therefore observe to play a critical role when it comes to issue which pertains to fault tolerance functions on those systems which usually requires constant accessibility. It is essential when it comes to redirecting the requests from a user usually when it comes to a down or a failed system.

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