Individual International Plastics Inc Organizational Systems Management Plan

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International Plastics, Inc. Organizational Systems Management Plan




Denis Brooker

International Plastics, Inc. Organizational Systems Management Plan

There is a lot that goes on here at International Plastics. One thing I am going over is the management plan that I believe will help manage the data from within our company better.

Software Applications

The employees use the company’s mobile apps which is supported by an effective companywide Wireless Info Tech database. The main key to a successful to having a more effective and producing database would be to have the perfect software infrastructure. A good plan here is to get the infrastructure from a popular software corporation (Oracle Adobe Microsoft etc.) which will need access to the wireless ERP in which digital as well as personal mobile devices to the enterprise systems which will then link the application software.

Data security and safeguard

By implementing the data security program this will create a strategy to execute any details to protect information from within the company. By running thorough tests as well as well as to monitor all the controls and with the proper verification it can continue to run effectively but as always with any program or software you will want to update it frequently. By updating the program as recommended can monitor any new threats and vulnerabilities as well as updating the controls and risk assessment is the ideal thing to do and this can protect from any sort of legal issues that could arise. Technical safeguards are proper designs to keep information secure and to protect sensitive data.

Protecting organization data

It is imperative that we keep all information pertaining to confidential financial information safeguarded so that not only do we maintain a large customer fan base but we also build a relationship with the public eye as well.

Analyzing the Database

By analyzing the company database, we find out where the company stands as a whole. We find out the condition of the company is in currently as well to determine if the current database that is being used is failing and why it is doing so. A good solution for a new database would be to implement new ERP software. By integrating the info using an ERP can provide the needed tools for monitoring the data as well as to ensure progress of everyday business within the company.

Solution to Security Technology Implementation

There are more threats to security than just viruses. This one of the most if not THE most important and critical strategy to this plan. By adding layers of security technology on different and multiple devices which includes desktops laptops mobile devices (i.e. tablets phones etc.) as well as network end points it would keep all the data secure from hackers to where they could not hack into the system to obtain any top sensitive information. By taking the needed action in using security in multiple pieces of company equipment in order to defend from hackers and attacks as well it can prevent any harm from being done as well alerting the proper IT individual in case of an alert or an attempted attack. You cannot be too careful when it comes to security and you want to be sure that only authorized IT individuals implement the security within the company equipment and devices.

Understanding the levels within a company

The main objective of a company is to keep a minimal risk of security risk information. Within a company employees will understand certain prospects as well as ask the proper questions and eventually will gain knowledge within the company about the company as well as the company security. The main individuals you will need to watch out for is the middle or secondary management. The reason being here is that these are the managers that are making most of the company decisions on a regular basis within the company. One good way to raise security awareness is to display any weaknesses as well as the vulnerabilities that can alter or disrupt upper management as well as putting individuals in management at risk. Take for instance a service station District Manager and demonstrating on how to access private customer information within recent transactions. This will be of very high importance to protect and all sensitive customer information.


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