Fitness Gym Requirements Determination – PowerPoint Presentation

Fitness Gym Requirements Determination

INF 340 Business Systems Analysis

Requirements Determination Approach

Interviews w/current staff and subject matter experts (SME’s) on future system requirements and recommendationsObtain current process from SME’s and employees. Create mock up of expanded/updated version of future system for testing purposesPinpoint peek hours for observation times to ascertain customer account handling

First method: Interviews

Interviews w/current staff and subject matter experts (SME’s) on current/future system requirements and obtain recommendationsInterviews w/SME’s will consists of requirements to the system, ease of access, troubleshooting techniques and general guidanceEmployee interviews will consists of recommendations for new system inputs, customer requests and record management

Second step: Observation

Pinpoint peek hours for observation times during increased inflow of pedestrian traffic. Monitor employee/customer interaction with system processes

Documentation/Account Management

Examine operational documentation to reveal reported issues, regulations and policies. Usage of organizational data and information (where/when/how)

Other methods to be used

Joint Application Design: to collect systems requirements simultaneously from the key people involved with the system (ch 5.3, para 1)Prototyping: repetitive process in which analysts and users build a rudimentary version of an information system based on user feedback (ch 5.3, para 7)

Joint Application Design

Gather data relative to new expansion. Data will be collected from employees and customers simultaneously to ensure data is compatible.


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