Project Planning: Gym Expansion – PowerPoint Presentation

Project Planning: Gym Expansion

INF 340 Business Systems Analysis

Introduction and System Description

Introduction of expansion will provide more responsibility to employessNew system will improve customer/trainer relationshipsWill allow customers full access to schedules, fitness programs, etc.Recommend user-guided program that allows customer to modify their own fitness planSystem has access levels for customer, trainer, manager respectfully

System Nomenclature

Set up alternative system interfaces for each member category (i.e customer, manager, trainer)Customer account paperworkContract informationAutomated payment information (bank info)Location information/emergency contactsHealth profile

System Nomenclature cont.

Customers and trainers must ensure client progress is recorded and uploaded to account profileWeekly updates sent from trainer to customer showing progress and what’s to come for the week, overall goals, etc.Customers can change plans to cater to their own preference while trainers simultaneously adjust training regiment.

Feasibility Assessment

Economic Analysis- Low cost for new system which will allow for smooth operationsTechnical Analysis- Basic knowledge of smart phones, tablets, desktop computersOperational Analysis- New system introduces easier interface that allows for troubleshooting without IT delay times.

Feasibility Assessment Cont.

Legal Analysis- ensuring utmost secure system to protect privacy act information. Political Analysis- NoneSchedules, Timelines and Resource Analysis- Speeds timeframe for new member introduction

Management Issues

Team Configuration/Management – Trainers, Admin employees, managementCommunication plan – Email server system and text messaging will be used for communicationStandards/Procedures – Information/data will be provided from customers to be inputted into the systemOther topics – None

Cost Benefit Analysis

Weighed by number of new customers

Project Scope Statement

To create a newly upgraded system which allows for employee/ customer relationship to expand, creating a more user friendly interface to be used by customer and employee alike. Improve customer satisfaction between trainer and customer, and create a positive and healthy environment.


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