INFO 331 Forum week 2

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  1. In what ways is the Zara model counterintuitive? In what ways has Zara’s model made the firm a better performer than Gap and other competitors?
  2. The way that Zara is counterintuitive is that they never mass produce just one kind of clothing but only a limited amount of all their clothing. With that set of clothing they have never marked down their prices or began any sales; which means that they sell their clothing at full price no matter what. The reason why Zara’s model is a better performer than Gap or any other competitor is that the sell’s clients use PDA’s to gather information from customers and at night time the corporation gathers all the information to make certain type of clothing that fits their customer’s wants.
  3. What do you believe are the most significant long-term threats to Netflix? How is Netflix trying to address these threats? What obstacles do the firm in dealing with these threats?
  4. Netflix has stated that it’s “biggest long term threat is TV Everywhere” only because that TV subscription include a channel that is called HBO GO ( That channel has all the great content, plus television series that almost all people like to watch in this day in age. However, Netflix does not see that HBO GO as a threat though. The things in which I think would be an obstacle to Netflix is that to have a better quality of picture you would need it to be hardwired and the pricing of the packages.
  5. Spend some time online researching service such as Netflix, Blockbuster, Hulu, and other streaming movie site. How do these services compare? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these different services?
  6. Well I looked over the three sites that are within this question, mainly because I do not know of any other sites that you can watch video and TV series from. The reason behind this is that I either buy the DVD or rent the DVD from the movie store since my internet is crappy where I am at. Netflix and Hulu provide Movies and TV series, while Blockbuster as far as I can tell just does Movies. Also, Netflix and Hulu prices are 7.99 for a month but for another 4 dollars you can watch the movies and TV without commercials. I do not know if Netflix and Blockbuster offers that type of coverage. Lastly, I am not able to gain access to Hulu outside of the United States; and I live in Germany.
  7. Describe some of the features (i.e., functions, menu options) of the information system that you chose in week one (make sure you have an approved information system before you complete this assignment). When describing a feature, walk the user through that feature, describing the interactions the user has with the system. What data or information does the user enter into that feature? What does the information system do with that data? Does it transform it in some way? How is that data later retrieved or displayed (output)? What is that data used for?
  8. If memory serves me right. The QUALCOMM is a small touch screen computer. The screen is able to push up and there is a built in keyboard. To help out with the touch screen portion there is a small plastic pencil. The QUALCOMM that I was assigned to, I had to sign into it after powering up my truck. After logging in, there would be an alert on the screen notifying that I had a message from my Fleet Manager for a load to get picked up. Once I selected the message, it was on my to write down the information, like pick up location, drop off location, miles, load number, bill of lading number, pick up time, drop off time, travel directions, and fuel stops. After this I had to send a message via Macro to let my fleet manager know that I would except the load and that after getting my load how much time I had left to drive for that day (per 11 hour drive day) or how much time I had left per the work week (70 hour on duty per 80 hour week). The GPS feature works like any other type of GPS as to giving direction but it would give the way a car would have to so using the travel directions grabbed from the message is the key since payment is done by the mile from Zip code to Zip code and I was getting .34$ a mile. Once I started driving, my drive log would start and when I stopped, I would have to go into my drivers log and put me on break; but if I shut off my engine of the truck the QAULCOMM would automatically place me on break. I would have to place myself off duty to have more time to drive near the end of the week. Finally, the way that the information was passed in the truck was via cell towers.
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