Information Systems Security

Discussion 1: Primary Post

Class: BA 632 Information Systems Security

Discussion 1:

Your boss mentions that recently several employees have received calls from individuals who didn’t identify themselves and asked lot of questions about the company and its computer infrastructure. At first, he thought this was a just computer who was trying to sell your company some new product, but no vendor has approached the company.

Post for the Discussion 1: Data security is the crucial challenge for every owner of a firm. With any kind of information and computer security, the key for prevention is implementing the protective measures and develop an awareness among the employees so that they can tackle the


Here are some recommendations that can be done to overcome the situation:

1. Train the employees not to accept calls from individuals request ion information and instruct the employees not to give any information to an unknown individual.

2. Do not identify any key company computer infrastructure information to these callers. Make sure that there are adequate safeguards in place for a hacking attack.

3. The individual who was suspected to be a vendor could have been an intruder or a member of a critical organization. Any inbound emails or calls from a suspicious source should be ignored and informed to the desired departments.

4. Representatives must know about the phishing messages which attempt to concentrateindividual data around a worker or the organization. The representatives ought to be furnished with preparing on the most proficient method to keep the business data secure and any suspicious action ought to be accounted for quickly.

5. Establishment of strong passwords, installation of antivirus, setting a firewall with security and educating the employees are the key factors for the prohibition of malware activities.

6. Ensure that representatives comprehend not to react to any email ask for organization individual data without the best possible individual being recognized. Likewise, educate representatives to forward these emails to the organization data security division so that legitimate activity and preventive measures can be taken.

Finally, companies should take careful steps for example, security work force designated to limited regions, CCTV establishment in the organization premises and so forth. This may keep unapproved people far from the premises. Hence all these factors can be executed by the organization to keep away from any harm to the organization or its notoriety.


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