Information Technology Acquisition Scenario

Information Technology Acquisition Scenario


IT Infrastructure

In the past, there has been a use of IT Infrastructure in a particular way in which the organization is now working in a proper way towards ensuring that, overall tasks are secured in the area of the operations. The computer systems and operating systems used by the organizations include Windows operating systems, Windows 98 and Windows 7. The operating systems also include XP, Vista and other kinds of operating systems. The advantages and disadvantages of existing operating systems and upgrading the operating systems would be taken into consideration in the present paper. The discussion will also include the fact that, whether outsourcing the system is going to be appropriate for the organization in the course of doing the tasks.

Benefits of Using Windows 7

There are various benefits which are likely to arise to the organization in the course of use of Windows 7 operating system. One of the advantages of using this system is that there is a decrease in normal boot time of the system (Herbert, 2004).The users can ensure that they start up the work quickly without having to wait for a particular period. Another of the advantages of using this system is that this system is more compatible in comparison to other systems. This system is more compatible with any of the software as compared to any other system and is taken into consideration. This system helps in running any of the programs in an automated manner so that, there is avoidance of any issue or problem which could arise at a point of time when the tasks that are performed.

Disadvantages of Using Windows 7 and current Systems

There are certain kinds of problems which could arise to the organization at the time when, it is involved in the activity of making sure that, it is using Windows 7 at a particular point in time. One of the problems with Windows 7 is that it needs RAM capacity of at least 1 GB. It is not easy to ensure that, this software is being upgraded in an easy manner. Without upgrading, it becomes difficult for the software to make sure that it works out well for the people who are involved in using it. There are certain problems with Windows & in the name of BSOD. There is a kind of problem which takes place at the time when there are certain changes in the course of software and hardware in the area of operating system. These are taken into consideration at the date of making use of this particular system at a particular point in time.

Upgrading our Outsourcing

In the course of the operating systems being used by the organization, it is going to be necessary for the corporation make sure that, it is working towards identifying the fact that whether it should outsource the activities or whether it should make upgrading in the system on a regular basis. In the area of improvement of the system, it is to ensure that, the system is used in a proper and appropriate manner. In the course of usage of the system, it is going to be crucial for the organization to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the entire system and then make changes according to its requirements.

In the area of these things, the tasks to be taken into account would include the functions regarding finding out whether the system is working well and whether the organization would be required to make changes in the system at a particular point in time. Outsourcing could be carried out, but in the course of outsourcing, it is going to be essential to make sure that the organization is being in the position to ensure that, the results are taken into consideration. In the course of the effects, the costs incurred and benefits accruing have are taken into account for doing the tasks in a proper way so that, better results are identified in the course of doing the operations. These things will help in determining whether the correct decision has been taken up by the organization or not.


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