Information technology in organizations

Information technology in organizations




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Information technology has greatly advanced all over the world today. Every organization seeking the best application that can solve its challenges as well as make production easy. Landscaping has been an issue in many organizations but with the current development of information technology there are easier strategies that have been adopted. Oil field landscaping can be very expensive and complex. Technological advancement has been very effective in devising techniques as well as ensuring cost effective procedures.

Data collection and analysis have been made easier in oil field landscaping. Information technology advancement have been a great channel of information in all areas. People are able to acquire different forms of information that make it easy for decision making in site selection, development and other relevant procedures that need to be carried out (Fitzsimmons & Bordoloi, 2016). Technological advancement has contributed to availability of a wide range of operational insights that gives the oil companies an opportunity to choose from depending on their budget.

There has also been advancement in storage of information by use of cloud computing. There are lots of data that requires an effective storage body. Information technology has led to development of cloud computing which is easy to use within the organization as well as sharing information if need arises. Communication has also been another aspect that has been, made easy and effective through development of faster, reliable and cost effective means of communication. It is now easier to communicate with the suppliers as well as the customers (Atkinson & Castro, 2012). Digital quality of life: Understanding the personal and social benefits of the information technology revolution. This has led to easy marketing strategies. Communication has also been made easy within the oilfield landscape. Finally, transportation has been made easy through advancement in the transportation means.


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