Information technology systems for supply chains

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Information technology systems for supply chains




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Cross-functional team is a collaborative group of individuals who are talented in various technology areas. This team is created by the unit vice executive president whereby he or she is responsible in assigning duties to the professionals. Cross-functional team is responsible in maximizing the organizational objectives through the functional outcomes. As a manager, he or she should consider including the suppliers and the buyers when integrating technology systems because they are very important segments in an organization. It is also important to include functional aggregator in the management as he or she able to maintain different business units. The individual is able to solve different conflicts within an organization. The manager should therefore be able to include functional aggregator so as to be able to identify and resolve the conflicts.

In conclusion, when designing or acquiring an IT system in an organization, it is important as a manager to be able to take risk. These risks include adaptability, compatibility, availability, maintainability and many other risks. Maintainability is a trade-off that should never be rejected when designing technology system as repair and servicing should be done at every ground operation (Fawcett, Magnum, & McCarter, 2008). Maintainability should be ensured at any level to ensure that the technology systems are readily available to avoid wrong information.


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