Innovation in diverse Business environment

Innovation in diverse Business environment





With global economy rising and a very tight market competition in business environment, leaders should be ready to develop innovative strategies that will earn their business much profit. The management at all cost must establish and execute their strategies with a more clear vision and developed goals. The vice president of the human resource, having opened a new office in Florida should clearly be aware of the role of innovation in executing change strategies to achieve the best. This is due to the new environment defined by cultural, religious and ethnic diversity compared to the environment in Kansas.

Role of innovation in executing change strategies

The vice president of the human resource should take an active role in implementing change strategies to ensure new ideas are developed in the new office. Having shifted to a new environment with such cultural and ethnic diversity, the human resource should stipulate means on how to adapt to the new environment and ensure business runs smoothly (Desai, 2013). The VP should suggest means on how to satisfy the people in the new environment. He will need to embrace innovative problem solving technique so as not to suffer stiff competition from other businesses around.

With change of environment, the VP should know how to generate reliable information to help know the tracks of business in the new area and change of customer needs. He should try a way of approaching the sources that will supply a steady flow of trusted information. These sources majorly come from the people living in the new area who are the customers and the sales people. By doing this, it will create insights to any necessary strategy that needs change or any execution plan

Managing diversity in the work place work place

The human resource should confirm to his staff that hiring and promotion policies are based on employee performance and not through any other connection. He should avoid at all cost allowing ethnic background or religious background into the human resource policies. Managing diversity should start with strict policies of equality. Encouraging employee to work in diverse groups and relate well with each other (Mor-Barak, 2017). This will expand on their experiences and enable them recognize their strengths of a combined team.

Importance of technology in implementation of change in a workforce

Technology has taken us to a greater level in communication like never before. It enables people working together or the employees to connect to each other and also with their leaders at any time and hence increases collaboration. Technology has also improved on cost management whereby less time is wasted and much of it used to make profits through the use of office software. With technology at any office, security has been maximized in that it ensures that the organization’s information is only accessible to the right people. Finally, there has been increase in production efficiency through technology. It keeps every employee connected and makes their work easy hence increasing productivity.

Benefits of welcoming a diverse group in a workforce

Welcoming a new diverse group in a work force has many befits. First of all, it enables the existing workforce collect ideas about the group and the types of services that are required by them. Secondly, they will share information and their experiences which will enable the workforce identify their strengths and work on their weaknesses (Scott & Byrd, 2012). Finally, it improves employee’s performance in that they will have that feeling of comfortably. This is because of equality and also encouraging workers from all backgrounds have confidence in their ability. Hiring employees who speak different languages enables the company work on a global basis and hence leads to better results. It will also make the company more famous.


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