Integration of Systems Thinking in Healthcare

Integration of Systems Thinking in Healthcare





Integration of Systems Thinking in Healthcare

According to Patricia Trbovich there is dire need for the incorporation of systems thinking in healthcare organization, because it helps in: The application of an all-inclusive approach to solving problems, Definition of methodologies to evaluate and understand systems wide-effects, Identification and nurturing of an unlimited number of system thinkers, The application of a proactive approach in identification of control points and in creating a culture of systems thinking. The following are some of the ways through which I can apply systems thinking;

In the development of networking strategies for an integrated healthcare system this can help the organization to develop and thrive in areas where chances of survival are very minimal. The corporation will be linked to the outside world and as such communication will be enhanced thereby gaining access to a great source of external information. New medicine can be identified; exchange of ideas from expertise all over the globe will also be enhanced

Through systems thinking , the recognition of life long practices, those that have been there even before our fore fathers( times of classical antiquity) and how they have evolved into the present day medical practices taking into consideration African traditional medicine can help in maintaining and upholding healthcare organizations and in the long run see them soar to greater heights.

In summary, the incorporation of systems thinking into healthcare organizations provide duels which satisfies the general understanding of health and diseases and as such is based on paying keen attention to medical analysis and evaluation.


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