Integrative Leadership Integrative Leadership

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Based on the readings, video, and additional research, determine three (3) key elements to developing cross-sector collaboration in addressing community-wide issues. Provide a rationale and support your position with appropriate academic sources.

The three-key elements to developing cross-sector collaboration in the community are: Initial conditions, Process, and Planning. With initial conditions,onemust pay attention to contextual forces that affect the change effort and they need to understand the people (including themselves) who bring assets and liabilities to the leadership work. They must seek sponsors of and championsfor the change effort.Important integrative processesand practices include: wise design and use of forums, arenas, and courts, including creating effective boundary-spanning groups, boundary experiences and objects; building leadership capacity; forging agreements; building trust; and building legitimacy.Planning is more likely to be successful ifit builds on the competencies and distinctive competencies of the collaborators, including those arising from the distinctive sectors in which they operate (Bryson, Ackermann, and Eden, 2007). Formal planning that includes careful articulation of mission, goals and objectives; roles and responsibilities; and phases or steps, including implementation (Mattessich, Murray-Close, and Monsey, 2001)

What style of leadership is would be most effective for developing cross-sector collaboration? Provide a rationale and support your position with appropriate academic sources.

The most effective style of leadership for developing cross-sector collaboration is Servant. With Servant leadership, the person puts service to others before self-interest, provides tools to get the job done, and includes the whole team in decision making. Organization with this type of leader is often seen on the best place to work list.


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