International Plastics, Inc. IT Infrastructure Review and Upgrade Recommendations

International Plastics, Inc. IT Infrastructure Review and Upgrade Recommendations Summary

International Plastics, Inc. IT Infrastructure Review and Upgrade Recommendations Summary

Modern network infrastructure is very crucial in running any company in modern times. This is mainly because of the advancing technology and the security threats that older devices and networks brings. International Plastics Inc. is not prone to any of these. Employees too need to always be up to date with the latest offerings in the market so they can deliver cutting edge services to their customers and success of the company in the long run. For this reason, International Plastics need to upgrade their network to meet modern market demands and innovations like cloud computing (Johnston, 2013). International Plastics Inc. CEO should take these upgrades into considerations for the company to achieve the success it desires.

Adoption of cloud computing and services that the cloud offers like IaaS will boost the employees’ productivity by collaboration and utilizing web based hosted applications. Upgrading the company’s backbone network from T2 to OC3 will increase the bandwidth and improve reliability by reducing latency and allowing the company employees to send back and forth data with ease among the plants and to the cloud (Logan, 2016). Upgrading the network spaces from 100Base -T to 10GBase-T with CaT6 on employees’ workstations makes it easier and improves versatility and speeds among the employees between their workstations. Introduction of VoIP Standardization across the infrastructure was implemented AND in addition to a PBX server improves connectivity and communication of employees. This will take the most advantage of the faster OC3 internet connection and will deliver the best results.

Acquisition of mobile connected devices for the marketing department and connected to the Wireless Access Point will be helpful considering the nature of their work. Replacing Cisco 2950 with Cisco C3750 allows interVLAN routing by enabling IP routing globally. At this point, all the employees will be accessed to the cloud for storage and making use of the cloud services and applications that improves collaboration by utilizing IaaS and SaaS. Enterprise resource planning is also possible and will be implemented to make the employees automate many tasks and make good use of human resources.

As the company continues to generate more data, Big data management and data management will have been accommodated through the design that allows for expansion. Virtualization considering the hardware and software in place will be possible (Logan, 2016).

Data security is the key to the success of the newly installed infrastructure. Wireless Access Point (WAP) encryption type WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) will be put in place since it uses 256 bit encryption for maximum security. Firewalls at each isolated plants will reduce the extent at which data will be lost to unauthorized persons (Schoenfield, 2015). This will be more useful to plant in China considering the geopolitical environmental variables.

In conclusion, the CEO should take into consideration the recommendations above and the company will operate smoothly with modern day security and also allow for the expansion of the company. Though it will be costly for the company for now, this investment will proof worthwhile investment in the future.


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