3. Exactly how is occasion grasped and scored? (e.g. precisely how overdue could you always be into a business session before you are believed irritating? several. Is alter regarded optimistic or even negative?)

  • Exactly how critical could be the personal within the culture? Exactly how critical could be the collection?
  • Exactly how is room employed (e.g., precisely how close up ought to a pair of those who are social colleagues endure up coming to each other whenever they are receiving the conversation?)

5. What are the considerations intended for personal achievements?

6. What is the relationship between mankind and characteristics? (e.g, carry out mankind rule characteristics? really does characteristics rule mankind? carry out the two are now living in equilibrium?)

7. Exactly how is divine energy seen in relation to individual work?

8. May be the culture the high-context or even low-context 1?

9. What is funny?

10. How can individuals “know” things? (e.g, are men and women urged for you to problem things? are many people urged to master recognized intelligence?

11. Are men and women urged to become far more action-oriented in order to you have to be contemplative?