Investigate factors which act as a competitive differentiators in event organisations

Investigate factors which act as a competitive differentiators in event organisations


In this era, successful completion of any international or local event has become dependent on proper execution and planning of event management organisations. Event organization is considered as such management companies which are involved with the creation as well as development of both large and small scale events such as concerts, conference, festival, conventions, formal parties etc.. Generally, before launching any event, these organizations make investigation regarding the choice of target audiences, coordination of the technical aspects along with determining the event concept. In present days, event management organizations are also being involved with every type of events likes Olympics to breakfast meetings. In order to build potential business relationship and increasing profitability, these organizations are being involved with charitable organizations also. The procedure of coordinating and planning of the events are included with event planning, which is consisted of event scheduling, site choosing, managing transportation preparing catering, planning security management etc. Management of event organizations is involved with the process executing the event with efficiency by taking accountability of arranging elements regarding logistic, technical and creative attributes.

Aim of this particular study is to investigate the factors which represent themselves as “competitive differentiators” in an event organization. “Competitive differentiator” factors are referred to the range of tactic which provides the opportunity to the companies to maintain their strategic positioning in respective market. With the help of these tactics, organizations become capable of undertaking set of services or products for differentiating their firm from the competitors in an effective way. “Competitive differentiators” helps the companies to increase their USP for reaching out to potential customers as well as lead the business to achieve long term success. The model of competitive differentiators consists of three main factors such as process capability, business attributes and general criteria, which helps the organizations to gain competitive advantages over business rivals by outperforming them.

In this context, this study will evaluate the competitive differentiator factors of event management organizations in the UK. As an example, this study is likely to explore the factors of Bank Sadler, which is acquiring completive advantages for this organization. Bank Sadler is a UK based company which is considered as one of the leading creative event management organization globally. In the last year, this agency was involved with more than16000 venue bookings and 570 events over 66 countries. The organisation is recognised as an award-winning event management business in UK. In present days, this agency has its sub-quarters in the region of London, Paris, New York, Windsor and Dusseldorf. For last 35 years, this organization is delivering to their client’s creative event consulting service along with meeting management. In every year, Band Sadler amazes its clients by arranging events like gala dinners, strategic meeting management program, incentive programmes, conferences, product launches etc. In the year of 2017, this organization make partnership with American Express Meeting and Events, which is a subdivision of American Express Global Business Travel. This relationship has facilitated Bank Sadler by offering the opportunity of having access to larger buying power as well as geographical resources than previous. In terms of unique in-house offering, this firm serves its clients services like advisory and consulting service regarding event design and production, sourcing of venue, event technology and travel management also. In order to provide support to pharmaceutical companies, this agency is also holding a dedicated medical communication division. Based on the activity, Bank Sadler is considered as the 4th largest event organization of UK.

For determination of the factors that are leading to gain competitive advantages for Bank Sadler over its competitors, this study will evaluate secondary data. For collecting specific data, this study is likely to explore its annual reports, business publications etc. Apart from that, by analysis of the past events that Bank Sadler has organized along with evaluating its clients’ review, this report will investigate it’s the competitive differentiation factors.

Literature review

Marketing is a useful component in this era of business as it helps to inform customers and enhance customer base. According to Dangelico & Vocalelli (2017), marketing is a process used to promote and sell products or services in front of customers. In this age of globalisation, marketing has become important for organisations to gain competitive advantage. The study has reflected on the fact that globalisation is influencing to competition in businesses. Owing to the reason, marketing has become essential to promote products or services and inform consumers. However, Wood (2009), has pointed out that innovativeness is one of the keys to successful marketing campaign and to draw customer attention in this era. Along with other businesses, event management organisations have also emphasised on inclusion of creativity in marketing campaign which has become competitive differentiator factors. This is because inclusion of innovativeness in marketing is useful to gain competitive advantage. Marketing of businesses, as well as event organisation, depends on many things such as product, price, promotion and place. This aspects of marketing reflect on the 7P’s of marketing mix, which is an essential tool to promote product or services.

In accordance with Londhe (2014), product the first component of the model is about goods or services which is offered by a company to its customers. In this context, it can be said that presence of different types of service provision opportunity is useful for event management firms. In regards to this, the study of Rogers & Davidson (2015), has enlightened on the fact that clients always want to lend or take services from such firms who can deliver various types of services like decoration, food, transportation etc. In case of Banks Sadler, the organisation provides a different kind of services for organising an event. For example, the business firm has organised a five-day-long conference for a famous pharmaceutical company. During the organisation of the event, the business has given services like decoration of the venue, logistic services for the 550 delegates and technology for the successful completion of the event. Provision of such services has become the reason behind the company’s success in the event management industry of UK.

In the marketing mix place is another valuable component that helps organisations to enrich customer base. According to Cornwell (2014), place in the context of marketing refers to the location where companies sell their products or services to the customers. For example, direct marketing involves door to door sale of products or services to the customers, whereas telemarketing is about trading of products through telephone. Banks Sadler’s marketing approach for sales is made through their office premises, which are located in London, New York, York, Paris and Dusseldorf. Along with this email and official website of the company also used for sales of services. From the study of Jordan, et al. (2015), it has been pointed out that the modern-day customers are becoming concerned about cost-effectiveness. In this context, Banks Sadler is providing services with cost-effectiveness for gaining competitive advantage. For example, Banks Sadler is organising event with least amount of charges, whereas TRO is another event organiser that charges higher value for events. For example, TRO has organised events like 2018 FIFA World Cup match ball launching with high charges. In this context, pricing of Banks Sadler can be considered as competitive differentiators.

According to the marketing mix model, promotion is another important component for enhancing business enrichment among customers. In event management, businesses of the era have focussed on inclusion of creativity in promotions so that customer attraction can be enhanced. Technological advancement has become the factor which is influencing to innovative promotional activities for companies. For example, AI, VR has become the technological factors which are included in promotion of product as well as services. For Banks Sadler, the organisation has been involved with social media, which is an effective online tool of this era to promote products. The platform is used by event organisations to advertise their services in front of the clients.

Value proposition reflects a business model to increase the productivity of the business or organisation. Value proposition defines the reasons for other business or customer for selecting that company to manage their business. It provides an identical combination of the service and product offering enhanced value to customer by solving the customer problem. Value proportion is a facility which displays the innovative and uniqueness of the organisation in terms of gaining competitive advantage. Value proportion is the point between the service and product provided by the company and impulse of the customer to buy it. In this context to analyse the value proposition of Bank Sadler service and products offering VRIO method has been used to elaborate it.

The event management service given by Bank Sadler is valuable as it consists of different theme based events, including Christmas party, Halloween to meet the desired expectation of clients . They manage their event management service by providing their client with a safety and secure planning. This assist in gaining competitive advantage to firm by offering valuable event management services at a reasonable price with ensured quality. The organisation provide an enquiry platform on their website for their customer that raise their value proportion. Bank Sadler has also done event production, travel management, incentive travel and event technology. They provide all the guide to the traveller about their travel plan, which creates them more acceptable in front of the customer. During the event, they also look after the requirement of their client and fulfil its which give them a great value in front of the customer.

The company provide newness or uniqueness to their customer by giving them some occasional offer, choosing some unique place for the event and decorate the event separately from their other event, which creates their services rare from other competitors . This makes the company service rare to gain comparative advantage with its competitors operating in same event management industry. Occasional offer and their decoration plan are costly to imitate that provide them competitive advantages as per VRIO methods. Moreover, in this enquiry platform, customer can ask required enquiry to the company about their service and Bank Sadler satisfy them by providing them appropriate answer.

The organisation provide their service to their customer as per their expectation. They do everything from venue finding to manage the event, which makes their services costly to inimitable for competitors. Bank Sadler already manage many events of the top industry or businesses in UK. Sony, GSK, Amazon are the top most company in the UK, Bank Sadler manage many events of those companies which increase their value proposition. The company organised its event management process very effectively for meeting desired expectation of consumers within event management industry. The company manage all the department of those event management. Jaguar and Land Rover is another precious client for the organisation. Any car launching event and annual social event of those companies manage and organised by Bank Sadler. Event launch of Pharmaceutical Company Such As GSK managed by Bank Sadler, and they are one of the key clients of the company. According to VRIO process, the company gain sustainable competitive advantages when the company realised their potentiality of rareness, capability, valuable and costly to imitate.

In order to capture larger market share over competitors as well as making business profitable, organisations are required to differentiate their business or service model. For operating within highly competitive market, each individual organizations are required to set up their USP that is unique selling proposition which provides the opportunity to the customers to differentiate the specific brand from competitors. In context of event management organizations, it is found that there are more than 25,000 companies are involved with the UK event management industry. The companies of this industry are involved with sports events, music events, cultural events or festival, corporate events, trade fairs or exhibition, outdoor events and meetings or conferences.

With the help of the analysis of microeconomic condition it is found that for dominating competitors, event organizations of this industry are making their USP stronger which is included with value proposition, return on investment, return on communication and marketing. Microeconomic condition of event industry in UK context has identified these factors as competitive differentiator as it has analysed the demand of the companies in event market. Apart from that, microeconomic condition has also provided the opportunity of identifying consumer demand as well as production cost by analysing the marketing structure. Microeconomic condition of this industry has facilitated to figure out that the companies are serving in monopolistic competition which means there are many companies exist that sells same products but different from each other. In such market environment, potentiality of event organizations is measured by evaluating their client list, their satisfaction level as well as by evaluating the number of participants in events etc.

Return on investment (ROI) is considered the procedure of investigating the measurement of the performance level of an organization by analysing the comparison between a number of different and efficient investment. According to Wood (2009), ROI helps the business to analyse their return amount on a specific investment. With the help of calculating ROI, businesses get the opportunity of evaluating their profitability by utilising the investment cost. In general, the outcome of ROI has been expressed as a ratio or percentage. Shay & Van Der Horst (2019), have stated that the ROI is a major part of marketing analytics as it helps to set up benchmark for marketing strategies. ROI helps the organizations to analyse the process of enhancing their entire marketing efforts. It is found that the measurement of ROI helps the organizations to increase their effectiveness along with building foundation for leading successful future.

In accordance with Jordan, et al. (2015), ROI is considered as a competitive differentiators as it provides the opportunity of gaining competitive advantages over competitors. By measuring the return of investment, a business organization become capable of determining their competitive advantages by analysing their profitability, which helps to strengthen their brand recognition. Gathered data over measuring ROI helps to surpass the marketing initiatives of competitors, which helps the organization to increase their potentiality in gaining competitive advantages.

In context of Bank Sadler, it is found that generally, this agency counts their ROI on the emotion as according to them by creating memorable moments for the clients, they would be more beneficial. Along with the involvement growth of procurement regarding the concepts of event, service is increasing, this agency is enhancing its business structure for presenting themselves more strategically. According to the employees of Bank Sadler, for serving best quality service to their clients, in each individual event, they are likely to deliver creative event solutions which helps them to drive bottom-line results. Measurement of ROI helps this organization to enhance their investment more in their campaign system of event management. Within this agency, employees get more appreciation for their work performance, which leads them to work harder as well as not to quit job. As it has got the opportunity to let their customers convince about their social responsibility, customers are more likely to be involved with the service range. For leading the ROI positive, this agency tries to put best in each event to make profit.

According to Quirke (2017), return on communication is the process through which an organization get the opportunity of achieving desired as well as computable results over effective messaging procedure. ROC influences the firms of these days to pull out their best in serving customers. It is found that inspiring communication helps organizations to calculate measurable results. With the help of this factor, organizations get the ability to reach out to more customers by increasing the interaction procedure. In present days, social media has become such platform which helps the firm to be more collaborative with consumers. Over the existence of digital media, organizations offer their customers to discover, research as well as share their personal opinion regarding the service or products offered by the organization. Wang (2014), has explored that as traditional communication process is not being capable for increase interaction with customers in an efficient way, organizations of present days are focusing on the communication process over digital media platform. Appearance of social media has facilitated the companies to reply back to customers in an easy and quick way. It has given the chance to the firms to reach out to more customers by providing fewer efforts. In accordance with Rojek (2014), effective communication influence the companies to understand the need of customers along with investigating the insights of the competitors. It is recognised as a factor of gaining competitive advantage as it allows them to interact with customers along with increasing profitability. Besides that, effective communication also offers to make strategic decision and track their own performance towards success.

In context of Bank Sadler, it is found that for communicating with potential customers, this agency has implemented CRM technology within their organization as it has helped them to increase their efficiency regarding making potential communication with clients. Over the adoption of this information technology, this agency has increased its interaction with the customers by sharing information about the products. Besides that, this firm is also involved with social media platforms, which helps them to collaborate with customers potentially. Over the digital media platform, customers get the ability to share their own perspectives to show their appreciation regarding event management procedure of Bank Sadler. It helps to attract more customer’s insights that lead them to gain advantages. Apart from that, the effective communication process also facilitated the customers to receive significant information that is included with invitation, travel arrangement, confirmation about registration, bulletins about latest event information, final information about upcoming event as well as post-event questionnaires. Bank Sadler is also incorporated with their own event websites, which offer customers to register for an event over. In order to book an event, customers are only required to share their personal details such as name, surname, telephone number, email address and residential address. On the other hand, potentiality of this agency has been increased in acquiring strongest customer base after the adoption of new strategy which is involved with the designing of virtual meetings. This strategy has offered Bank Sadler to represent themselves as technological event management organizations also.


Methodology is a process that is used to collect data and analyse as well as interpret information. According to Krippendorff (2018), methodology is an approach that undergoes through a systematic manner, and it is adopted to conduct research with effectiveness. In this study, data has been collected to grab information about the organisation, namely Banks Sadler. For this purpose, data in relation to post events, client list and USP have been considered in this paper.

Post Events:

The company has organised and managed many events previously in very effective way. Bank Sadler is one of the best event management company in the UK. This study has been conducted by considering Bank Sadler as a reference. The organisation has been selected to collect data and information about event organisation procedure. Along with this, data has also been collected for analysing and evaluating the innovative approaches that the firm has taken to maintain competitive advantage. For the data collection, primary focus has been given to the post events that have been conducted by the company. In order to collect post event-related data, the project has collected different kind of data on the firm’s arrangement of event for its clients like GSK, Amazon etc. For this purpose, data related to the event organiser’s successful campaign has been considered.

The event management organisation is hugely linked with the conduction of business travelling. For example, the event management firm has arranged business travel for Saudi Business Machine which is a subsidiary of IBM Saudi Arab. In order to collect data about Banks Sadler’s business travel for Saudi Business Machine in Ho Chi Minh City, this study has focused on website of the firm. For this purpose, webpage of the company namely, “Our Work” has been accessed initially, and then a webpage of that contains Saudi Business Machines’ information on business travel that has been accessed. Another focus has been given to gather data about Sony PlayStation’s game launch in Detroit. This was an event that Banks Sadler has arranged in Detroit for Sony. In a bid to collect data about the event, similar procedure as information collection of Saudi Arab Machines has been considered.

Another past event of Banks Sadler was arrangement of international trip for a renowned pharmaceutical company who has rewarded its employees with a five day international trip in Oman and Dubai. For this purpose, data has been gathered from the company website. Along with this, information from newspapers has also been collected for this study. Main reason behind collection of such kind of data from the company website was to understand the service provision process and its effectiveness to gain competitive advantage over the rival organisations. In short, such kind of data has been collected to understand what factors are the reason behind Banks Sadler’s successful arrangement of events. Not only tourism events or conference but Banks Sadler’s also conducts events like graduate, apprenticeship event. In order to collect the kind of data, this study has gathered information from the website. For this purpose, firstly website page of the firm named as Our Work has been accessed first and then the webpage where information about Land Rover’s apprenticeship programme was found. The event was organised by Banks Sadler with presence of 600 newly graduate who was working with the firm.

Client List:

Client or customer is most important thing for any business to spread their services. Bank Sadler make very high effective customer base for their elegant service. This study has been done to gather information about Bank Sandler’s product range and its customer base. This data has been collected from company website, articles and journals to know the innovative approaches of the company in terms of creating enhanced client base. The client list of Bank Sadler has been collected through official website, newspaper and news articles of the company. Additionally, this study mainly keeps eye on the client list of the firm which most essential for their event management business. Amazon is one of the key clients of Bank Sandler. The company eventually organised and managed many events for Amazon very gratefully. The Annual general meeting of the Amazon managed by Bank Sadler for last 5 years has also been collected by following secondary data collection procedure. Sony Entertainment is another key client of the company which information has also been collected from company website and annual report. Boehringer Ingelheim is another client of the company. From the secondary data collection strategy, it has been observed that Bank Sadler revealed this list of clients in their annual magazine of 2018. Annual meeting of the Standard Chartered Bank managed by the company every year. From the website of Bank Sadler list of the client has been collected that include Center Parcs, Gemalto, Grant Thornton, Hundai, World pay, Adecco, The degree Climate Group, JLL, IKEA, OMD, Santander. Other customers of the organisation are Archroma, Simplyhealth Professionals, Standard Chartered Bank, SBM (Saudi Business Machine), UGG, Spotify, Qantas, Omnicom Media Group, Gartner, and Royal Marco are the major name. This data are collected from the official website of the Standard Chartered Bank. In terms of managing and decorating other company’s event from last few years in countries like UK, France, United Stated and Denmark’s companies.


USP is essential for any company to know the characteristics and features of service or product. USP refers to Unique Selling Point, which separates a product or services from its competitors. According to Bank Sadler website, it has been seen that marketing technique of the company is very rare from other event management companies. From the website statistical data, it is found that USP of Bank Sadler is Marketing strategy. The data has been collected from journal articles and website of the company. The secondary data also reflect that organisation use a unique marketing strategy of post-service, which separates them from other event management company. They use social networking site, newspaper, journal articles, direct mail as their marketing strategy. The organisation mostly use online or digital media as their marketing media. From the Bank Sadler website, it has been found that the organisation offer occasional offer and decoration plan to their client, which increase their USP. The information from website and other secondary sources also reflect information regarding post-event service that is given by firm to their client to increase the USP of their valuable event management services.


With the help of the secondary data analysis, competitive differentiators are recognised in context of Bank Sadler, which is a leading event management organization in UK region. It is analysed that in UK, there are more than 25000 business organizations are involved with event management, which is responsible for executing more than 1.3 million events annually. It is found that the event organizations have contributed around £20.6 billion in gross value added as well as £58.4 billion GDP. Apart from that, it is also founded that UK meeting organisers are responsible for contributing £24.7 billion. Analysis of the microeconomic condition has helped to investigate that in monopolistic market, companies are also involving in managing events included with skydives, swimming, running, walks etc.

From the analysis of the annual reports of Bank Sadler, it is observed that in the year of 2018, this organization become involved with more than 570 event management projects as well as 13,500 venue booking program within 66 countries. It is calculated that, for increasing their customer base, this agency become associated with the spending of £132 million on arranging meetings and events. By reducing the event cost, it has facilitated its customers by providing the opportunity of driving huge amount of cost savings. In terms of ROI, potentiality as well as profitability of this organization has been determined by analysing the crowd traffic in each event such as festivals, concerts etc. In the year of 2017, Bank Sadler has created record by increasing its profitability by 32%. In the financial year, it has also increased its profit from £1339635 to £1770495. It is found that this organization has to face strongest competitors in the region of UK like Oxygen, Zibrant, Poptop etc. Zibrant is the top rival of Bank Sadler as it is involved with revenue structure of $8.1 million.

Because of having experiences over 35 years, this organization is involved with more than 85000 venues of event worldwide. In order to increase guest event experience, this agency is continuously updating its database regarding their suppliers, which also includes new hottest openings. In order to gain competitive advantages over competitors, offices of these agencies are being involved with specialist venue finding team also that provided the opportunity to clients to get dedicated service. Over this way, this organization is experiencing profitability by increasing their understanding of venue preferences, geographical preferences, as well as brand aspiration. Measurement of ROI over the procedure of analysing their potential service has helped the organization to identify the needs of compliance, which has led this agency to act more strategically and creatively for supporting their business requirements.

From the analysis of the competitive differentiators, it is found that over the communication process, Bank Sandler become capable of increasing their customer base. Findings have helped to investigate that the ROC has offered this agency to decorate events for world-leading brands such as Starbucks, Amazon, Jaguar, Sony interactive entertainment, Hyundai, Glaxo smith and IKEA. Besides that, the analysis of the ROC factor in context of Bank Sadler, it is found that their strategy of offering technological event is helping them to have competitive advantages also. In this era of technological development, concept of Webinar has been developed as it helps the companies to connect with a number of clients for sharing information. But in order to dominate the potential competitors, along with managing webinar, Bank Sadler is also arranging webcasts for their clients. By providing significant focus on the intellectual content of the clients along with determining the experiences of consumers, it is capable of increasing the return of communication factor effectively.

In terms of gaining competitive advantage, ROC factor has influenced this organization to understand the requirements of customers in an efficient way. It has facilitated this agency to find out the right venue for the customers according to their choice. Apart from that, for increasing the capability regarding gaining competitive advantage, this organization has taken strategic decision which is involved with the process of offering free venue finding service without any obligation. The ROC factor of Bank Sadler has also helped to evaluate the technological innovations which have been facilitated this firm to explore greater engagement. Through technological improvement, it has experienced greater learning outcomes along with potential audience interaction. For enhancing the communication process, this organization has adopted in house team which represents themselves as event production consultants that help this organization to become more familiar with consumers by providing significant advice, quick feedback and creative content.

From the above analysis, it has been found that an effective marketing plan increases profit and revenue of the company by proving their client a cost-effective and unique service. From this study, it is found that a good marketing plan has benefited the firm to remain organised and manage events for world-leading brands such as Starbucks, Amazon, Jaguar, Sony interactive entertainment, Hyundai, Glaxo smith and IKEA. A well-planned and innovative marketing strategy has facilitated the business to increase its customer base and earn continuous profits. The brand value of the agencies depends on the marketing strategy and marketing process of the firm. Value proposition of the business has benefited to increase the productivity of the business. From the VRIO analysis of the company, it is found that sustainable competitive advantage had been achieved by the company when it made changes to their marketing plan which enabled to fulfil their potentiality of rareness, capability, valuable and costly to imitate. Methodology informs customer about service of organisation, post event management, client list and USP of firm which assists the business more attractive in front of the customer.

From the above analysis, it has been found that Bank Sadler had been able to increase their customer base by satisfying them with their effective marketing plan and their service. From the annual report it also has been found that Bank Sadler managed more than 500 events in UK including many events in France, USA and Denmark. The organisation had spent more than £100 million for arranging events, meetings and festivals. Bank Sadler had also benefited their clients by providing low cost management service, which helps their client to savings the cost. In last two years, Bank Sadler has managed to increase their profit by 30%, which is very effective for the company. The firm had also managed to increase their customer base around the world by providing them better and cost-effective service from their competitors. It also has been found that there are more than 2000 event management organisation in UK, so the competition is very high . Key competitors of Bank Sadler are RIM Scaffolding, Oxygen, and Zibrant. However, they managed to earn high revenue and profit from the event management. Bank Sadler had enhanced their value proposition by providing newness or uniqueness to their customer by giving them some occasional offer, choosing some unique place for the event and decorate the event separately from their other event.


From the above analysis, it is concluded that in UK, companies of event industry are operating their business in monopolistic market. As there are more than 25,000 companies involved with event management activities, companies are taking different strategies to gain competitive advantages over competitors. From the above discussion, it is emphasised that for increasing potentiality in event organising as well as enhancing customer baser, these companies are adopting different types of strategies in terms of USP. For attracting more customers, these organizations are being involved with the several types of events like music events, cultural events, sports events, corporate events, fairs etc. In this context, it is concluded that Bank Sadler has been involved with different services like venue sourcing, event designing, travel management etc. Besides that, it has also made strategy which influences this agency to support the pharmaceutical companies. This strategy has helped this firm to become the 4th largest event organization of UK.

Analysis of the factors such as marketing has concluded that it plays a crucial role in creating brand recognition. For enhancing its marketing strategies, Bank Sadler has adopted strategies like secure event planning. It has helped this agency to gain competitive advantages as customers have shown their insights for involving secure events. Profitability of this agency has been determined by analysing the effectiveness of this organization in providing support to their clients. By analysing the competitive differentiators, it is concluded that because of having competitive advantages, this organization has gained the opportunity of increasing profitability by 32%. Besides that, it has also gained the opportunity of arranging 13500 venue management as well as 570 event management project in 66 countries worldwide.

From the above analysis, it has been concluded that Bank Sadler is one of the best event management company in UK which provide their customer with an effective and innovative service. It also has been found from above analysis that increasing potentiality in event organising along with increasing customer base, event management firms of UK are adopting different types of strategies in terms of USP. Marketing strategy helps those to attract more client which effect on their profit and revenue, on the other hand, value proposition help organisations to inform the customer about their uniqueness. Bank Sadler is one of the major event management agency in UK which has been managed to increase their profit by 30% and organised more than 2000 event by using their unique marketing strategy and effective value proposition. Those information has been found from news articles, Journals and website of the company that inform customer about their durability.


In order to enhance the efficiency of Bank Sadler for gaining competitive advantage over competitors, it is recommended for this organization this firm should be involved with all kinds of technologies as it will help them to become more efficient as well as provide better service to their clients. They should implement Google Earth in their event planning as it will help them to scout sites along with making proper layout for site planning. They should also provide GPS for the staffs and volunteers, which will facilitate them to navigate the routes of events with ease. Apart from that. Instead of fluctuating in budget planning, this firm should stick to appropriate budget planning as it will help this firm to avoid slipping activities. By overviewing the continuous changes in event management activities, it is also recommended to this organization to become involved with significant contingency plan in their budget allocation. It is recommended that Bank Sadler should improve its mobile registration app Goengage to increase their customer base. They should develop their online and cost-effective service which increase their popularity in UK and other sub-continent. Additionally, Bank Sadler should spread their market in Asian continent that helps them to increase their profit and revenue. They should also learn from their past events and apply it in future.

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