Is Psychology Global

Two convincing reasons why psychology is a global discipline. Explain why each reason you stated reflects future progress in establishing psychology as a global discipline. Two of the most convincing reasons that refute the claim that psychology is a global discipline. Explain why each reason reflects a lack of progress or progress yet to be made.

Psychology is a major discipline that studies and defines human behavior and mental processes.

It is defined as a science which establishes experimental evidence by gathering data and deriving measurements.

The scientific evidence derived using empirical methods is generalized internationally to all standards and hence psychology is demonstrated as a global discipline. Empirical methods used in psychology helps in inhibiting the possible biases that arise in association with faulty observations.

However, it is highly debatable for not being a real science due to a lack of pre-paradigmatic state.

For example, biology is paradigmatic as it has a functional paradigm to differ and describe living things from nonliving things. Chemistry is paradigmatic as it has a periodic table to describe chemical changes. Psychology does not have any consensual definitions and hence it is not stated as real science.


Psychology is a scientific discipline, which helps to define, evaluate, understand, explain, and control the animal, and human behaviors and mental processes. Whether psychology is a science or not is highly debatable. The following reasons might help in understanding why psychology is a global discipline or not.

Psychology defines a various set of behaviors in an empirical way,



It gives scientific evidence as reasons for the actions and behaviors shown by animals and human beings.

The research evidence is precisely controlled, evaluated, measured, and generalized. The generalized results are used by psychologists around the world, thus defines psychology as a global discipline.

However, psychology might not be represented as a global discipline because of its

Lack of predictability

Lack of defined terminologies

Lack of replicability

Lack of testability

Highly controlled experimental conditions

Lack of expert agreements.

Lack of quantifiability

Lack of pre-paradigmatic state

There are no foundational defined theories with key findings as there is no consistency and agreement emerged on the previously agreed definitions among the experts, thus defines psychology is not to be considered as a global discipline.