Is the key to developing an effective sales force selection or training

Is the key to developing an effective sales force selection or training? Explain your choice.

It is just important to select the correct employees for the goal that you want to get to as it is to continue to train and cultivate that staff. Human Resources plays a key role in this process. HR help work with organization executives to evaluate and develop organizational strategy. HR are responsible for hiring, training, and helping the employees remain productive and successful. Ellig (1997) found to be optimally effective the human resource function must be both an employee advocate and a business partner. In other words, the HR department must partner with the employees to ensure that they have success, but still maintaining the common goal and vision of the company that they work for. According to Smith and Rupp (2004), e-recruiting as a general process is job-specific and offers computer-assisted screening interviews, reducing costs and time-to-hire in regards to selection.

Human resource planning is required to ensure fiscal responsibility and make sure the company has the right amount and qualified employees in the organization to function properly. Job analysis must be conducted to ensure managers know the qualifications, duties, responsibilities and accountabilities for the position. Essential functions are the major duties of the position, which the applicant must qualify for. Recruiting with different methods, such as internet, job fairs, etc. is an important key to finding a qualified and varied applicant pool.

The selection process for hiring applicants must be streamlined for effectiveness. Interviews, the application, employment tests, background, any examinations and the job offer are all examples of the selection process. Interviewing validity can be enhanced by using a structured process, as some interviews aren’t always valid.

If you train a team right, I feel you will never have to work a day in your life, because it will come so easily. If you cultivate a team with the same ideals and goals set forth by the company and they see real ownership and value there, they will work hard for the company. These employees will bring such value to the team in the long-run. According to Kotler and Keller (2012, p. 577), employees can be a source of ideas for improving production, products and services. These ideas and innovation can lead to great success of the company, especially over competition. Employees are usually aware of the front-line issues as well as have ownership in the results, so they can help with solutions and make for a better-running company.


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