ISCOM 361 Supplier Quality Challenge Incoming Receiving Inspection

Supplier Quality Challenge

Incoming Receiving InspectionISCOM/361

Type of Commodity from existing supplier

The type of commodity that needs to be supplied is beefThe beef will be supplied through Kane Beef LLC

Inspection Plan

Incoming Lot Inspection:ReceivingThe retail company will take possession of the beef order to stage them for inspection and place them into inventory. During this process the following will occur:VerificationCheck for inconsistenciesNotify purchasingRelease shipment to location

Incoming Lot Inspection

Inspection:The receiving department will examine goods that have been delivered to determine conformance to what was ordered via the purchase document. The State has standard inspection, acceptance and rejection requirements to ensure these activities are conducted in accordance with State requirements. The receiving department should, upon acknowledging Kane Beef delivery of an order and receiving process, conduct an inspection requiring minimum conditions.


The facilities quality professionals will use Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) sampling to determine the acceptance or rejection of inspected beef. Inspectors depend on AQL plans to determine the amount of items to inspect.The skip lot schedule inspected and separation

Receiving Inspection Plan

Incoming Lot Inspection:Frequency – Inspections should be completed within a reasonable amount of time or as specified in the purchase document. If a department knows that the inspection will not be immediate, then the purchase document must provide when the inspection will occur and how it will be accomplished. Reduction of Inspection.

Lot Containment

Look for defects.Send accepted shipment to stock and separate defective samples for disposition.Receiving employee will note the defects.Nonconformance report initiated.

Data management

All inspections documented.Documents filed at the procurement office.

Supplier Notification

Written Notices sent to the supplier in a timely fashion.

Disposition of non-conforming material

Supplier returnsReturn AuthorizationFollow Up

Supplier Return Process

Rejection of items or shipment.Notify to suppliers of rejection/contain rejected items.Provide documentation of reasons of rejection.Determine the measure of rejection.Ship or store rejected items.


The lot will be scrapped when the sample is contaminated and segregated fromall other items.Marked as scrapSorted for dispositionDispose upon authorizationReorder

Receiving Inspection Flowchart


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