Israeli-palestinian conflicr The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict




The Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

Reasons as to why there is no hope about the future of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

  • According to me, there is no hope for peace in future in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

There is clear evidence that there is no immediate hope for the conflict to end soon. This is because the conflict has been going on for 68 years now despite untiring efforts by other countries/nations to reestablish peace and end the conflict. The Palestinians considered loss of their land to Israelites as a major disaster “al Nakba”, and therefore they couldn’t let it go. Many leaders have spent a lot of money and time for peace talks, but all in vain. A lot of enticements have been given to both sides just for the sake of peace but regrettably many attempts have failed. Since then, Palestinian refugee campsites have grown upwards so as to provide accommodations for the new generations being born. We find that Israelites and the Palestinians needs are the same, they are both concerned in making Jerusalem the capital city of their nation. The Palestinians are demanding the right to go back to their homes (what is now Israel), but the Israelites also panic that agreeing to this concession would be terrible because higher Palestinian birth rate would mean that the number of the Palestinians would outgrow the Jewishpopulation, and this would have been dangerous for them. In addition, the Israelite’simplemented a law that only permits anyone with no less than one Jewishancestor to settle down in Israel and adopt citizenship.Several Palestinians who get marriedto Arab Israelites are deprived of Israeli residency. Palestine’s don’t want Israel to be acknowledged as a state. Regardless of the declaration by the U.N. security council resolutions together with the international court of justice, that the settlements in Palestine are prohibited, Israel rejected the decision and it continues to enlarge its settlements.

It’s been problematic to solve the struggleamid these two countries since the world is not aware of precisely what and who is the cause of the problem. The battle has been lengthyand this consequentlyunderrates the situation to have faith that any additional talks will solve the problem because many peace talks have been in vain.


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