IT 133 Unit 1 Operating Systems

Operating Systems

IT 133 Unit 1

Purdue-Global University

I work in a retail office, and the computer administrator takes control of all the software throughout the region. And as for working on my home computer. We just purchased a new laptop from Amazon. And it does the job that is required. However, we have a few computers in the home. That is utilized in the home. And we just use it for basic functions and for homework. My wife and I are doing online schooling.

  • I am running Windows 10. As my operating system
  • The importance of knowing what OS you are Using. some applications have certain criterial of what OS to use as means of compatibility.
  • Currently My laptop has 8GB of memory
  • Ram is very important of running applications on a multiple level. And without crashing. It must support whatever you are running at the time.
  • The processor speed is clocked at 2.3GHz
  • The faster the processor the less lagging issues one may encounter. If you have processor issues. Then you can’t navigate through all the windows applications.

If I was going to train myself or family members. On how to use Windows OS. Or software, my source is going to YouTube. And get the understanding. And I can convey to anyone the basic. Or teaching advanced technique. I love to learn with hands on. Rather than reading from a textbook.