IT 190-01 IT Concepts Unit 8 Assignment: Instruction Report

Instruction Report 

IT 190-01 IT Concepts

Unit 8 Assignment

Globalization is the process in which ideas, goods, and people spread throughout the world encouraging more interactions and integration between the world’s government, cultures, and economies (Rouse & Pratt, 2016). Globalization came into prominence around the 1980s, and although many people might think it is a relatively new phenomenon, globalization has been happening for millennia. The Roman Empire, China, and Europe have used globalization to spread their cultures, government, and economics throughout the world. Globalization has also seen a dramatic increase in the 21st century due to rapid advancements in technology and telecommunications leading to money, technology, and materials moving faster across national boundaries; knowledge, ideas, and cultures have also spread across the world at a fast pace. Information Technology has had effects on industrial structure and jobs, healthcare, and education.

One effect that IT has had on globalization is changing industrial structure and jobs, and two examples of this are an increase in produced goods and an increase in jobs. New applications have been developed to manage, manufacture, and distribute which has led to a significant increase in goods being produced and an increase in productivity (The Levin Institute, 2016). New technologies have also led to the creation of new industries like Internet access providers and new kinds of work like web designers; it has also boosted other industries as well (The Levin Institute, 2016). Unfortunately, industries and jobs like electric typewriters have been replaced by newer technology and are either being shrunken or becoming extinct. IT has also restructured business practices and have increased the efficiency of business operations. Businesses can now cut costs because they can now deliver or receive parts for just-in-time assembly thanks to the invention of IT-based inventory systems (The Levin Institute, 2016).

Another effect that IT has had on globalization is healthcare. IT has improved healthcare by the prevention and control of infectious diseases, rapid distribution of information, patient to healthcare provider interaction, and improved responses to outbreak situations (The Levin Institute, 2016). IT has helped increase the collection of and transmission of patient data to medical labs and public health care center in situations that deal with dangerous infectious diseases (The Levin Institute, 2016). Doctors that specialize in different types of medicine can assist in complicated procedures from across the globe by using internet connections. Digital records and images have made it easier to share information with doctors or offer advice on treatment all over the world (The Levin Institute, 2016).

The final effect I will talk about that IT has influenced education and two examples are that people from all over the world have access to education and people become more socially aware and more confident. Online colleges have allowed people from all walks of life to have access to education when their schedules might not allow them to go to a regular campus. It has also encouraged students from all over the world to learn more about their classmates’ cultures and ways of life. The use of technology has led to an increase in self-esteem and confidence among students which promotes higher levels of learning (The Levin Institute, 2016). Technology has also enabled students to learn at their own pace and to figure out what way of learning works for them unlike traditional teaching methods where students are all taught one way of learning and because of this some students all behind or even fail (The Levin Institute, 2016).

When doing business with other countries, it is always important to understand their culture and the way they do business. All countries are different something that is practiced in America might not be practiced in Japan or the United Kingdom. I believe that hiring someone who knows different cultures can be very beneficial because they can be there to advise against blunders. Advertising and the use of social media have allowed companies to become recognized a lot faster. A lot of businesses in other countries appreciate efficiency and thanks to technology products are now being produced faster and in larger quantities. It is also easier to monitor demographic and trends, so companies can best judge when to release products so that they can make the most profit. Technology has also allowed businesses to hold meetings online even if they cannot be present at the meeting.


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