IT 190 UNIT 10 Discussion

Cyberloafing is a term that describes employees utilizing their company network, while at work, for non-work related activities. Facebook, emailing and messaging friends, watching youtube, or even booking dinner reservations are all examples of cyberloafing.
A study in employee productivity revealed the current monetary value that companies have lost to be astounding. On average, cyberloafing costs about $4500 per employee, per year. All together, cyberloafing cost American businesses close to $80 million last year.
As you can see, this is not a small problem. People in a KSU study admitted to cyberloafing from 60%-80% of their time online while clocked in.
We’ve all done it, we go online for some reason and an hour later we’re chasing link after link, only to lose track of time.
Thankfully, there are a few useful tools that employers can implement into their networks specifically for this problem. Some are time and productivity driven, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have data gathering, keylogging, and video/audio monitoring.
Activtrak is on the lighter side of employee management software and is mainly used for time and productivity management. It is very employee friendly and doesn’t report specific websites visited, just the amount of time said user was actively using different apps. This way, employers can manage their employees productivity without the creepy nanny cams. It is also an open source program, so it is free to anyone that would like to download and install it.
On the opposite side, there are programs like Veriato. Veriato can help businesses monitor their employees via video and audio as well as scan through emails and even filter and block websites. Programs like these typically have a fee of around $200 to begin reserving your IP.
Texas law allows the use of these programs, with the exception being that an employer cannot record or listen in on any phone calls without the employees consent.
I do believe that employee productivity software is good for companies.