IT 190 Unit 4 Assignment

What is (SaaS) Software as a Service?What are the benefits of SaaS over traditional software? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based service which the provider hosts an application for costumers to use via the internet without having to download the application to local computers or devices. Users can usually access the software from any device as long as there is internet connection. Benefits to running SaaS over traditional software is it is an easier way to coordinate with others, the flexibility, and documents are easier to transfer from person to person without the hassle of email. Another benefit includes users have no hardware or software to buy, install, maintain, or update.,
What is productivity software?Word ProcessingSpreadsheetPresentationDatabaseNote-taking Productivity software is an application people use to produce information. It can be used for taking notes, creating presentations, creating spreadsheets for data, and creating editing word processes. Users are able to take notes during meetings, create and present slide shows, and use spreadsheets to calculate data. Productivity software can also create a document for user needs like an email or a memo.,
What is PIM (personal information management) software?Will it be useful for my employees? Personal Information Management (PIM) software is a type of software that is used to manage personal information. Personal information can include, but are not limited to sensitive medical data, contact information, and social security numbers.
What types of software are helpful for small businesses?What types of software are helpful for large businesses?  
What do I need to know about software licenses? A software license is important because some software is not always free and some are not licensed or paid for. There could be legal issues that arise if people don’t license their software properly. Users should know and understand what kind of software and license they are using so they don’t use it without paying for it.
How do I determine which version of software will work on the computers in our business? Software companies have manuals or transcripts of the requirements to run current or up-to-date versions of the software. Users can also check for themselves by going to the Help or About menu, which should state what version of the software is currently being used. If users are still unsure, the device being used will check to see if your device can run the software while it is installing. The best option is to check with the service provider to see what version of the software works best with your device.