Bring Your Own Technology

Start with the processor

First, it is important to understand that the processor is the part of the computer that does all of the work. It is responsible for managing all of the information in the computer and perform calculations.

AMD and Intel are two of the most popular processor manufacturers. With cost & performance being major factors, it is important to choose the manufacturer that is right for your needs.

Additionally, you will want to determine how many cores the processor as, that is the number of actual processing units are built into the core—but that’s not all—some cores are threaded, meaning they can process multiple pieces of data a the same time. Ultimately, you’ll need to determine how many threads you need, which will help you determine how many cores you need.

You’ll also want to assess the clock speed, or how fast the CPU processes all that data.

Finally, how much information the processor can hold on to while It is processing is known as cache, which is another important thing to analyze when determining which CPU

works best for you.

Determine RAM needed

The RAM, or memory of a computer is the next thing to

look at. There are a few types of RAM, Static and Dynamic, and then a special DRAM called ECC. Things to think about:

Consider the Data Storage

  • Number of tasks you’ll be performing at one time
  • Types of tasks you’ll need to complete And for which type of RAM might be important:
  • Do I need to upgrade
  • Do I need RAM that processes faster or slower?

The hard drive is the storage center of the computer, that keeps all of the files where the computer can access them.

Think about Optical Drives.

  • HDD (Hard Disk Drive – has mechanical arm and can break easily—slow data retrieval—low cost
  • SSD (Solid State Drive) – durable—very fast retrieval of data—higher cost

Optical Drives, such as CD, DVD and BluRay are another factor to think about. Do you need one. If you need it do you need it to be built in to the computer (internal), or is it acceptable to you to connect iTht with a cable (external).

You should determine what you need an optical drive to do:

What will it do CD DVD BluRay
Read / Write CD X X
Read / Write DVD X
Read / Write BluRay

Choose the video card

The video card is the adapter that converts computer language into images you see. It is important to determine if you need a card with a graphics processing unit, whether you’ll be using multiple displays, and what type of output you need to determine the right video card.

Select a Sound card

This is what makes your speakers play sounds. The more intense the need, like if you play video games, music or videos frequently, the higher quality you’ll want to choose for a sound card.