Individual Mobile Devices And Social Media

Individual: Mobile Devices and Social Media

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Mobile Devices and Social Media

When mobile devices and social media are used correctly, it can definitely be beneficial to a business success. There are so many opportunities that can lead toward this. Here is an outline of how mobile devices and social media can benefit a business:

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  1. Brand Recognition – Social media allows a business to become accessible for current and new customers. It allows a business stay connected and become familiar with their customers (DeMeyers, 2017). An example will be websites like Facebook or Twitter. If there are frequent Facebook and Twitter users, most likely they will stumble across information regarding your business (DeMeyers, 2017). Facebook and Twitter both have apps that can be installed in multiple devices. Allowing customers easier access when they are on the go.
  2. Job Recruitment – Social media allows a business to be able to post its job vacancies on various websites. With websites like LinkedIn and, it allows them to attract and view a various amount of qualified candidates, allowing them to upload their resumes onto their websites. LinkedIn and CareerBuilder both have apps that will allow the applicants to monitor the different job openings that are available to them.
  3. Cost Efficient – Social media allows a business to advertise or market its business either at a zero or less than nothing charge. By a business creating a marketing strategy through social media websites, it saves them money. An example for a business to market its product through a social media website is Youtube. Youtube also has an app that is free to install on multiple devices. It can also be found by just typing its name on the Internet engine on a computer or laptop.
  4. Revenue – Social media can allow customers to purchase products of your business. An example would be a game called CandyCrush Saga. CandyCrush is a popular game on Facebook that was created through a company called Because of its popularity, CandyCrush Saga or make its revenue by charging customers to pay for items to further play the game. CandyCrush Saga can be easily installed on mobile devices at a zero fee.