Final Project Milestone Three: Software Applications

4-3 Final Project Milestone Three: Software Applications

IT-201 Computer Platform Technologies

Southern New Hampshire University

Software Applications

To determine the specific software applications that will address all of MilleniAds’ needs, a table top meeting will need to be conducted with each department within the business so that all objectives can be covered. Once this meeting has occurred and all needs have been recorded, the research for the correct software packages can begin. MilleniAds will require a high-speed operating system, financial software, storage software, word processing software, VPN software, security software, and graphic development software.

Operating Systems

Windows 10 Professional

This is the latest of the Microsoft operating systems. This OS combines some features from Windows 7 as well as Windows 8.1 to provide the end user with the best HCI. From bringing back the start menu to improving security by adding Bitlocker encryption, this operating system will provide the most features for MilleniAds and will be the best purchase for the price. This OS will also provide the option for remote desktop connectivity and virtual desktops to help with technical support and desktop organization. This OS is compatible with most software available on the market today.

macOS High Sierra

This is the latest of the Mac operating systems. This OS features Mac’s new file system, APFS file system, which increases security and speed up file transfer. High Sierra also has integrated software to make daily tasks easier such as Photos, which provides advanced editing tools and lets end users use live photos for animations. Mac has upgraded its voice activated feature, Siri providing a more natural language and a friendly personality. This Operating system is not compatible with the same type of software as other OS.

Operating Systems are the core of business productivity and should be easy to manage and work well with a large amount of software. For this reason, I recommend MilleniAds use Windows operating system because it is more compatible, user friendly, and cheaper which will allow a lower startup cost.

Productivity Software

Microsoft Office 365

This Software package is a collection of applications and cloud services in which can be used across multiple devices with an internet connection. This software can be ran on Windows 10 Professional. This package is a pay per month or pay per year program allowing the subscription to be used by multiple users and systems. The applications and service provided by Office 365 are:

VPN Software

  • Email and Calendars: provides a familiar experience to the know Microsoft Outlook program that can be accessed from your desktop or a web browser. 50 GB of mailbox storage is provided along with the ability to send attachments up to 150 MB in size.
  • Online Meetings: Since MilleniAds will have employees in the field, meetings can still be hosted with audio, HD Video, and web conferencing over the internet with this application.
  • Meeting Broadcast: allows the broadcasting of Skype for Business meetings on the internet providing the opportunity for all employees to attend on their web browser.
  • Instant Messaging and Skype Connectivity: provides connections with other Skype and Skype for Business users via instant message, voice calls, and video calls. This can be used to conduct sales meetings with customers that are out of range for in person meetings.
  • OneDrive: allots each user 1 TB of personal cloud storage that can be accessed from anywhere and that syncs with their PC/MAC for offline access. Allows document sharing with others both inside and outside your organization with access control methods to filter who can see and edit files. (, What is Office 365?)

Cisco AnyConnect Client

With the need to work from home, or on the go, or even from a traveling employee’s hotel room, Cisco’s AnyConnect Client will allow employees to work from anywhere on the devices that have been recommended for use within the company at any time. This program gives the employer greater visibility over the end users behavior to better defend the network while also improving network operations. With this program your connections will be secure and all employees will have ease of access to the necessary resources on the go.


This VPN software is ultra-fast and secure. Using ExpressVPN will provide less network latency for streaming and transferring larger files in HD or 4K quality. This product will allow each device to have its own connection and also provides 24/7 customer support.

With more than one employee, MilleniAds will require a VPN software that is both cost effective and one that allows multiple sessions over a secure connection. Cisco’s AnyConnect Client will provide a solution to these requirements whereas ExpressVPN is used more for masking private IP addresses from the public and would incur a monthly cost for each employee to use.

Financial Management Software

Quicken Business 2018

Because MilleniAds will be managing its own financial books there is a requirement for a financial management software. Quicken Business 2018 was created for operators of small businesses. Quicken Business features the ability to download transactions from any financial institution and provides access to all investment accounts. This product integrates the company’s ability to determine tax liabilities for gains and losses while managing sales and products.


QuickBooks features more types of business tools that are deigned to manage business of different sizes. It also allows your business to input debits and credits, prepare cash flow statements, track profits and losses, print checks, track sales receipts and payments, create balance sheets and sales invoices with reports. This software allows the company to upgrade its software at any time if the business requires more resources due to growth of any kind.

Growth is something that most companies hope for. Quicken Business 2018 will provide necessary financial management services to a small company efficiently but will not provide the ability to manage cash flow statements and track the profits and losses of the company. Because QuickBooks contains more features that will benefit all aspects of MilleniAds, choosing QuickBooks will be the best solution.

Project Management Software

Adobe Creative Cloud

The most efficient software currently on the market for creating and managing your projects is provided by Adobe and is called Adobe Creative Cloud. This software Suite includes a number of different programs that you can choose from and only purchase what you will use, from their list the following will benefit MilleniAds the best, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, and Dimension. With the use of these products, MilleniAds will be able to create quality products for their customers.

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