IT 283 Unit 4 Assignment

Unit 4 Assignment

IT283 Networking with TCP/IP

Part I

Message Type Type Number Description
Destination Unreachable 3 Response to an IP message being returned as undeliverable. Reasons are varied.
Time Exceeded 11 Response from a router which indicates that the packet was dropped because it reached its hop limit.
Parameter Problem 12 Response when a device detects that an incoming IP packet is corrupted or missing data.
Message Type Type Number Description
Destination Unreachable 1 Similar to ICMPv4. The packet cannot be delivered to the destination.
Packet too big 2 Message returned by a router when a packet cannot be forwarded because it has exceeded the packet size limits.
Time Exceeded 3 Similar to ICMPv4. Message is sent from the router where the delimiter would be dropped to 0 saying the packet has been dropped, or the reassembly timer has reached 0.
Parameter Problem 4 Similar to ICMPv4. Generic message triggered by a problem with the packet being sent. This message carries a pointer to where the problem occurred.
Echo Request 128 Message sent with ping to see if a target device is online and responding.
Echo Reply 129 Message sent in response to a ping request indicating its online status.
Router Solicitation 133 Message sent by a host to a router on power-on seeking its location and how to access it.
Router Advertisement 134 Message reply and occasionally resent from routers to hosts indicating where it can be found and how to access it.
Redirect Message 137 Considered an error in ICMPv4. “Used on networks with more than one local router” (Carrell, 2012). Used to indicate that traffic should be forwarded to a different router.
Router Renumbering 138 Used by network administrators to change the addressing prefixes of routers on a network. A command message is sent with the renumbering information for migration or integration purposes.