Evaluate CPU, RAM, input, output, and peripheral devices as components used in system architecture

IT332_M3 Evaluate CPU, RAM, input, output, and peripheral devices as components used in system architecture.

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File Server Solutions are servers that enable integration and interaction of multiple

operating systems and services. File server solutions enable services and applications to

communicate without need of their underlying platform to be compatible. This type of server

solution allows use without the worry of compatibility and interoperability issues between

running platforms.

A few different file server solutions could work for a small business and its needs. The one

we would recommend would be the Windows server. As you can see from the tables below

both types of servers have pros and cons, but in looking at the business needs I feel that the

windows server will be the easiest solution to integrate into the business. It is user friendly

and allows updates to be easily installed. It tends to be a little more vulnerable to threats, but

we can make firewall changes to help mitigate that.

Windows Server Linux Server
User friendly Open-sourced
Support on a large number of applications Secure less prone to cyber threats
Long-tern extensive support Multitasking functionality
System updates are easily installed Not user friendly
Vulnerable to security threats Less compatibility features
Not a favorable option for a multi-user perspective Does not require a large amount of support

When looking at the CPU for the business and making comparisons on the best one

that will meet the needs of the business we have provided a table to help in this comparison as

well. It is important anytime you chose equipment to meet your business needs you get

equipment that will meet the needs while ensuring you are watching the cost.

Intel Processor AMD Processor
Cost more Powerful and fast
Lightning speed Cost efficient
Beautiful graphics Can be overclocked for increased speed
Outright more powerful Can be great for a business with a budget
Allows use of input devices Allows use of input devices
Integrate with both Linux and Windows Servers Integrate with both Linux and Windows Servers
Intel Processor AMD Processor
Multicore processors available Multicore processors available
64-bit processor 64-bit processor
Integrated graphics card Integrated graphics card

My recommendation would be the intel processor. It is a little more costly, but it is

user friendly and has faster operating speeds, while allowing for graphical design because of

its graphical abilities. The biggest thing is its ease of use and customer customization.

Computer systems are complex devices used to receive user inputs while also

processing data to store or transmit back out. They are used to create various information to

either store or deliver to the user. Computers consist of a great many components in order to

function. Some of the things computers needs are CPU, memory, Bus, DMA, Storage,

Interrupts, Monitors, Inputs & Outputs. Parts of a computer system include both hardware and

software. Most of the items listed above are part of the software. Some of the more tangible

items are the hardware which usually includes the mouse, keyboard, & monitor.

When thinking about the various components it is easier to break them down to get a

much better understanding of their inner workings and how each component serves a very

different purpose in the ability for a computer to function. Most people have no clue what it

takes for a computer to process efficiently every time it is turned on. Below I will give a brief

explanation of the various inner workings of a CPU.

The CPU is the brain of the computer system. The CPU has several units within it that

work together in order to process data. The CPU has four main units of operation the main

memory, the control unit, the input/output unit and the logical arithmetic unit. The CPU is

responsible for being the brain of the computer system .

The main memory holds data that has already been processed and data waiting to be

processed. Data that is uploaded to the computer is held in the memory ready to transmit or


The Arithmetic unit is the part of the CPU that performs all of the arithmetic and logical

functions such as NAND, NOT, OR, and X-OR. The arithmetic unit sends all of the finished

operations it processed over to the main memory where it is stored until it is needed to

transmit or display.

The control unit is the part of the CPU responsible for enabling the movement of date within

the CPU it produces electrical pulses that enable the movement of data controls.

The input/output unit are components that send and display data. The input is responsible for

sending data to the computer system in order to be processed. The output unit are responsible

for displaying the results of the data after it is processed. Some examples of input devices are

scanners, bar code readers, keyboards. Some examples of some output devices are

headphones, printers, monitors, speakers.

The Bus of a computer also known as address bus, or data bus is a connection between

multiple devices that are connected to the computer. A great example is the processors ability

to communicate to the memory .

A computer interrupt is a function performed by the operating system that is responsible for

multi-tasking. This function is responsible for telling the operating system to stop working on

one process and begin working on another. Since an operating system is linear it requires

programming to help in multitasking and running multiple activities .

The DMA or Direct memory access is the method of transferring data it pulls from the

computers RAM and moves it to another part of the computer without processing the

information. Most data require processing by the computer, but there is some data that can be

processed in another fashion .

Computer Storage is the way in which data is saved within the data storage device. Storage

allows the computer to retain data either permanently or temporarily.

The computer monitor is a device used to display data that is entered and transmitted back

out. A monitor is used to check the electronic transmissions of the computer.

Section 2 Ram and Interrupts

Two ways that, as a programmer, you can improve cache performance are writing programs in a structured manner, this not only has the program performing in a sequential manner, When programmers use items like jump statements it can cause faults in the cache which ends up causing higher time of execution. Another thing a programmer can do it is making sure making sure there is a hierarchy structure of the memory when it is being referenced by a program.

Looking at one specific vendor Dell and the specifications for memory and report the memory access time, cache access time, and cache hit rate work in their operating system. In the OptiPlex 3010 the memory is 4GB-1RX8 DDR3 UDIMM 1600MZ .


The terms seek time which is the time it takes the disk arm to position itself on a track, it measures the time it takes the head assembly to travel on the actuary arm where data is read or written, the rotational delay is the time it takes the required section of a track to get into position underneath the write/read head., and transfer time is the time that it takes to read the data from the disk. The relationship between all of these is seek time + rotational delay + time to read the disk = transfer time.

A CPU with interrupt driven I/O is busy servicing a disk request. While the CPU is midway through the disk-service routine, another I/O interrupt occurs. What happens next is if the computer is busy with another request when another input is received the processor will look for priority. The priority is given by the processor on which device the input is coming through. The priority will determine which item takes precedence when the CPU finally processes the interrupt. This is usually not a problem because the CPU was built to deal with interruptions that is why it assigns priority. The main reason it is not an issue is because the I/O is made to handle multiple interruptions.