Data Storage and Protection – PowerPoint Presentation

IT332M5: Data Storage and Protection


The following slide show was devised in order to guide for the Chief Technology Officer of Widgets, Inc. a plan of action for backup and storage solution that provides for high availability for data access, redundant storage over the network, and the fastest restoration time possible should a loss take place for all of the data stored on the main data server for the company.

NAS- Network Attached Storage

NAS is a storage that is connected to the network which is responsible for allowing retrieval and storage od data that is located in a centralized location.

DAS- Direct Attached Storage

DAS is a storage that is connected to a computer and is not accessible to any other device.




RAID is a type of data storage that utilizes several other drive components into one unit that works to give the client data redundancy, improved performance and security.

Disk1 A1












Disk 1

Disk 2

Creating Redundancy with Data Systems

When looking at creating redundancy it is just a duplicated system of backed up data. This data is used in case there is a failed disk or a data breach.

Keeping your system up at all times

When you have data and it is mission critical that the data is operational in order for your company to function it becomes important to look at ways to ensure you have high availability of your data. This is a means of a failover to ensure that you have a continuously operational system at all times. In order for this to happen it is pertinent to have a disaster recovery plan as well as a primary and secondary storage system.

Protecting Your Data

When protecting your data there are many aspects to consider. They range from encryption of the data, passwords, data backup, and anit-virus, and anti-malware as well as making sure that your software components stay up to date at all times.


Our world is driven by data and companies are heavily reliant on the data they have in order to operate. Companies that are not able to access their data find themselves unable to function and serve not only their customers, but their own employees.The most important part of housing data is ensuring you have a proper disaster recovery plan. This includes everything from storage, redundancy, protection, and consistent uptime.The company should ensure they are making a plan that is cost effective and a scalable system that is both easy to use and efficient.