Client Networking Request

Client Networking Request


IT Concepts

The network architecture is how the computers are organized and how different tasks are assigned to those computers (Cadell, 1970). I would have to recommend using a home area network since the business is on the same lot as the Jones’ home. The HAN network can offer the mobility that the Jones want, and there won’t be any unsightly wires. The Jones’ can also use network file sharing to transfer documents between their work and home computers (Mitchell, 2018).

Different types of networks:

Peer to Peer assigns tasks to every device on a network, and because of this all computers are considered equal and have the same abilities (Cadell, 1970). Each computer that is connected to this network acts as a server for the files that are stored on it. Some advantages to using this type of network are that the other computers will still work even if one stops working, installation and setup are simple, and this network doesn’t need a dedicated server (Cadell, 1970). Two disadvantages are security and backups must be done on each computer and if the number of computers on a network increase performance, access, and security can be difficult to handle (Cadell, 1970).

  1. PAN is the most basic type of network as well as the smallest (Bourgeois, 2016). It is usually made up of a wireless modem, one or two computers, printers, phones, etc. This type is typically best suited for small offices or homes that one person can control.
  2. LAN is one of the most common types of network (Bourgeois, 2016). LAN is also the simplest and discussed networks out there. This network can connect computers and devices together across short distances.
  3. HAN is a type of network that is typically used at a person’s home (Techopedia, 2018). It is also a type of IP-based LAN. This network can be wired or wireless and has the capability to switch between the two.
  4. MAN is a type of network that is usually larger than LAN but smaller than Wan (Bourgeois, 2016). MAN can span entire cities or campuses. This type of network can be maintained by a single person or company.
  5. WAN is a type of network that is larger and more complex than LAN (Bourgeois, 2016). WAN allows computers to connect across long distances. The internet is an example of WAN because it connects computers from all over the world and it is usually maintained by multiple administrators or even the public.

Client/server is a server or computer that acts as the center that the other computers can connect to (Cadell, 1970). The server is the heart of the system, so it manages and provides resources to any computer that requests them. Some advantages to using a client/server network are resources and security are controlled by the server, can have multiple computers connected to it, and the server can be accessed anywhere (Cadell, 1970). Some disadvantages are that it can be expensive to keep up with the needs of a server and networking devices, if the server goes down then the whole network will be affected, and technical staff is needed to maintain the server and to make sure everything is running correctly (Cadell, 1970).

For transmission media, I would recommend wireless because it will offer the mobility that the Jones want, and there won’t be any unsightly wires (Mitchell, 2018). Even though the Jones live right next door to their business, it would cost them a lot to have an ethernet cable connect from their home router to the work computer. Using wireless would be best overall, and if they are worried about security, then I would recommend looking into anti-virus and internet security software to protect them from viruses and hackers. If the Jones use wireless instead of wired, they won’t need to hire someone to cut into their walls if they want to hide the wires.

I think the Jones may need to update their cable modem. I would recommend the Motorola MB7621 because it has speeds up to 650 Mbps and has a power button that is easy to use (Armstrong, 2018). The specifications for this modem are 24×8 DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) 3.0, downloads 24 times faster than a 2.0 DOCSIS, Full-band Capture digital tuner, supports IPv4 and IPv6, and works with 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1 DOCSIS (Motorola, 2018). This modem can easily run four programs that hog bandwidth simultaneous (Armstrong, 2018). Even if the Jones have a slower network speed, this modem will work well and can give them room to upgrade without having to get a new modem. Unlike most modems, the Motorola MB7621 has a power button, so you don’t have to unplug the device to turn it off (Armstrong, 2018).

Since the Jones don’t store their customers’ credit card numbers, then the computers at their store or using Cloud-based storage should suffice. The Jones only need to store their customers’ names, phone numbers and mailing address for their mailing list so storing it on a computer or in a cloud service like Google Drive should be okay, but they still should have some security because if hackers get ahold of even the smallest bit of personal information, it could mean bad news for the customer. The Jones should always make backups of their mailing list, and any other documents they may need in case a computer crashes or the cloud service they are using goes down.


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