Information Technology Concepts

Seminar Option 2

IT190 – Information Technology Concepts

During the unit two seminar, you started off by the overview and then went into the objectives for the seminar. You started off with the four main functions of the computer. Input, processing, output, and storage. You went over language that a computer uses, which is a series of zeros and ones. Computers can be cell phones, laptops, stationary, desktops, etc. You then went over input devices, like keyboards and touchscreens. You went over how input devices can be sound and images as well, like microphone and digital cameras. You went over output devices, like text, pictures, etc. Output devices could be displays, speakers and printers. You then said to look at the next overview video. You then went over processing. The motherboard is located inside the system unit. The central processing unit is the brains of the computer because it controls all the functions. The speed is measured in Hertz. Storage can be internal or external. The hard disk drive is the computers primary storage device. You can also have portable storage devices, like a flash drive. You then went over ports on a computer. There is a variety of different port types. Each computer has a different amount and type of ports. Power conception is the power supply, or battery drain. Ergonomics is how you set up your computer workspace to prevent from getting an injury. That wrapped up the unit two seminar.

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