IT190 Unit 10 Seminar Alternate Assignment

Alternate Assignment

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Unit 9 seminar opened up with Professor Pam Van Hook outlining what we would be going over for the seminar tonight. She explained that she needed all of the outstanding assignments before Monday night. She explained that she would submit all grades by Thursday. She explained that this assignment should be pretty easy this week. She said that this week’s topic is ethics. She explained this weeks assignment as creating a computer use policy. She recommended starting with a paragraph about ethical computing. The second paragraph should go over paraphrasing and copyright infringement with definitions and examples. Next paragraph should be software piracy including what piracy is and the penalties for it. The next section should include sharing an internet connection. Then ethical issues relating to social media. She said that she wants to understand the problems of using social media. She said the last topic should be about companies legal right to review activities using their technology. She then went over the grading rubric for this assignment.

Next the question was asked “how do you define the word ethics?” My definition is understanding the difference in right and wrong. There was an explanation posted next. Also discussed were the “unwritten rules”. Unethical behavior and Amoral behavior were brought up next. Prof Van Hook talked about a System of Ethics next, and discussed how different societies had different cultural ethics. The topic covered after that was personal ethics. IT and ethics were introduced with 2 examples, posing the question “What would you do?” In the first scenario, I would absolutely uphold the data, and I would report the request to the people that asked for the information to begin with. The other scenario was tricky. If the information is verifiable, then backdating the documents is not necessarily wrong to me. I have backdated documents because sometimes things slip through the cracks. There was some information posted next about ethical computing. Professor asked whether or not we check children’s computers. I don’t have children, so I don’t. “Do you check your spouse’s computer?” came up next. I don’t do that. She went over other things about ethical computing and what employers can look at in your social circles.

Professor Van Hook asked for suggestions on a redesign for the class next. I feel like this class was beneficial overall. I think the brief overview of things was perfect because this is an introduction to IT, which many people need. I, personally did not learn much from the class because I have been using computers my whole life. I don’t really like the papers, I think exams are usually more beneficial to me. Doing labs could be also more beneficial. I actually don’t like the case studies, I think they are not related to the subject matter as much as they should be. I did really like the powerpoint presentation, though. At first I thought it was silly, but I did learn some better ways of saying what devices were.

After the questions about our view of the course, Professor Van Hook closed the seminar, and explained some things about the topics for the week.


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