Binary Language PowerPoint Presentation

Binary Language

A simplified way of representing various things (numbers) to be understood by a different source (computer) through systematic electrical pulses.Similar to “Instruction set architecture”.

What is the difference?

Bit = A value of 1 or 0

Nibble = A value of 4 bits

Byte = A value of 8 bits


Quantum Computer

Mainframe Computer

Mini Computer

Micro Computer

Input Devices

Mouse – Moves around the cursor, select, scroll.

Microphone – Audio for Video, gaming, online chatting

Touchscreen – Tap, Drag, Swipe using fingers for interactions.

Output devices

Monitor – One of the main output devices on a computer.

Printers – Used in organizations to print words or information onto a paper.


Also known asBackplane board MainboardSystem board Logic board Planar board Main Circuit boardBase board

The Heart of the Computer

Memory (RAM)

Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM)

Static Random Access Memory (SRAM)


CeleronPentiumIntel Core AMD Sempron/PhenomAthlon


Non – Volatile Storage (Image to the left)

Volatile Storage (Image to the right)


Physical Ergonomics Cognitive Ergonomics Organizational Ergonomics