IT190 Unit 7 Assignment – Networking Report

Dear Miss Jones,

Here is the report that you requested us to do for you on a Network. I have listed a few examples for you and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

  • A. Network architecture:
  • There are different network architectures such as PAN, LAN, HAN, MAN, OR WAN. All of these are great to use but the one that I think you will get the most from is PAN (Personal Area Network). With this network, you can communicate with various devices like phones, faxes, printers and computers that are close to the user. Since you will be working out of one building and using most of these devices I think this will work great for you.
  • B. Client /Server or peer to peer:
  • In choosing a server you have the choice of client/server or peer to peer, both are good, but I feel that you will do well with client/server. Client/server is when one program requests a service from another program (server). This is used by small businesses and is secure for private files.
  • Transmission Media:
  • Transmission media is choosing between a wired or wireless network. Both are very reliable but using a wired network can become a hassle if you plan to do any changes in the future because they are limited to fixed locations. I think you will be better off with a wireless connection, it transmits without any wires using microwave infrared or radio signals to transmit data. Wireless gives you the freedom to be able to move your equipment around and not be stuck in one place.
  • Network Hardware:
  • Network hardware is equipment that moves data around. This equipment consists of routers, switches and network interface cards. You stated that you have a modem supplied by your cable company, so we need to pick a router able to handle all your devices you will be using. In researching different routers, I feel you will do best with the Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router. This router has 3.2 GPS Wi-Fi speed, ultimate range with 6 high-performance antennas, ready share USB access, 1 superspeed USB 3.0 port and a 2.0 USB port, Tri-Band, and Gigabit connection speeds, it is easy to install with access controls for guests plus WPA/WPA2 secure WIFI connections.

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  • Network Security:
  • Your data is very important, so you need something that you can depend on to keep your data secure. I think Symantec Back-up Exec will do the job for you and keep everything safe. Symantec will back up your data and can recover it fast if a system failure happens. This comes with unlimited cloud storage which I am sure will come in handy for all your business needs.
  • I hope this information will help you out with what you are looking for in a network architecture. If you are not happy with something, please don’t hesitate to call so we can discuss it.
  • Thank you
  • James Meade
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