Target Market: SWOT Aanlysis

ITC 3001: Person Computer Finance

Unit II Scholarly Activity

Target Market: SWOT Aanlysis

Columbia Southern University

Apple’s Mac Os and Windows is honestly very similar in most ways. The way they are set up, their programs, their perks. It is all basically the same. There is not very many differences between them at all. One difference between the two systems is that Windows brought the apps perk from a phone to the computer. It now has apps instead of just the regular desktop, they bassically merged a phone and computer together. Apple has not done so yet because they don’t believe that the phone and a computer should be combined. Apple honestly believes that if want a tablet then you should get an Ipad, if you want a computer then get a Macintosh. Some people like having that feature and some does not. It all depends on your preferences. Windows how ever did a copy cat of siri (Apples personal assistant installed in devices) in their new version Windows 10. Both Windows and Apple now has their own internet storage that you are able to connect to and have your files shared within the devices that all log in, Apple calls their Icloud and Windows calls it OneDrive. Windows is affordable unlike Apple on the other hand, they are a little expensive. Many people believe that Apple is still far ahead of the game in front of Windows, but to me it all depends on what you was introduced to first and was used to. Swapping between the two systems can get very confusing and difficult. I am a Windows person all the way, but that is pribably because that is all I was raised around. Everyone’s opinion is different and only theirs matters when they are trying to deicde betweeen the two.


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