Jane’S budget

Jane’s monthly budget




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Jane’s monthly budget

I was surprised to find out that I spend very well my salary to my family despite how little it is. It came to my surprise that I spent well my salary to give all it takes to my family. It also helped me to budget my salary to the latter to help keep future plans. This monthly budget is much useful to me and I will still use it. I will follow it to the maximum because it makes more meaning to me as far as my salary is concerned. The carrier might change according to the position of the ICT. For example, if you have been employed to manage other employees or you are working just like an employee. This might create a huge change in my carrier interest. In addition, there are many areas an ICT officer can work communication sector, maintenance and servicing of the computers or being the computer wizard dealing with various instructions within the computer. This might create a change which may not really impact to the monthly budget (Habicht, Xu, Couffinhal, & Kutzin, 2009).

Conclusively, further education can really affect my budget. This is simply because I would have to include other expenses which were not included in the budget. These other inclusions or expenses might strain the monthly salary which will negatively impact on the budget. in order to further education, I need to go an extra mile in search of the fees for education and also for other expenses which might incur during my education (Habicht, Xu, Couffinhal, & Kutzin, 2009).


Habicht, J., Xu, K., Couffinhal, A., & Kutzin, J. (2009). Detecting changes in financial protection: creating evidence for policy in Estonia. Health policy and planning, 21(6), 421-431.