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The process of searching for a job started by deciding on the target job and also the target employer I always desire to work for (Chiras & Crea, 2014). I was interested in human resource management since HR is the field I majored in my career. This aspect of deciding on the target job and employer helped me focus on the job I wanted. Secondly, I identified the various job websites I could utilize to assist in obtaining the appropriate job I need. This aspect made me limit my job search in few websites such as job boards, networking, social media, employers, Google, recruiters and staff firms. Besides, I kept in mind that there are scams, hence, had to go through customers review in the process of deciding which website to utilizing to avoid falling into traps of scam websites.

Thirdly, before applying for the job, I looked at and compared the qualifications requirements for the different employers regarding the same job. This practice helped me focus on the employer and job which my competencies and education background aligned with the stipulated job qualifications and skills needed specification. Additionally, I ensured that I am readily available in online through joining various job networking. This practice contributed towards making that I was readily available any time employers were looking for the candidates who are qualified for the job.

Job Description

The position I found was an HR operations coordinator in Conde Nast Media Company. The job involves entry and also the management of human resource data in the system of the company. Other responsibilities of the position include auditing of the data units to ensure the integrity of the data, generating reports with the intent of meeting the requirements of the regulations and also requesting for Ad Hoc reports from both the clients and the human resource team.

My background aligns with the background of the position since the company is situated in New York which is my home place; hence, it is suitable in terms of location as stipulated. Additionally, the position relates to Human resource management which is the course I majored in at the university. Besides, during my internship, I worked as a human resource operation coordinator at KPMG Corporation, thus, gained critical skills needed as a foundation for the position.

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  • I am applying for this job since I find it to be challenging. As an employee, I like challenges because they motivate me to do better. I am the best fit for this job since this position is aligned with my field of study. This assertion is valid since I have majored in human resource management. Moreover, I have a passion for this job which makes me the right person for it.
  • Education
  • 2010-2013
    1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts, USA.
    2. Bachelors of Human Resource Management with a 4.0 GPA.
    3. Experience
    4. HR Coordinator | Cornerstone Limited| Santa Monica
    5. 2015 to Date
    6. Hired and also recruited employees for both non-managerial and managerial positions in the company.
    7. Processed relations which are domestic and also life events of the employees.
    8. Presented information to the trainees through role playing and also team exercises.
    9. Created reference checks for the new managers and also did some background checks on the recruited employees.
    10. I oversaw the compensation and also the safety of the workers. Additionally, I drafted the letters for the incentive programs which were to be given to the candidates.
    11. Redesigned the documents which are used in on boarding of the new employees who are hired.
    12. HR Coordinator | Directive Group Holdings |California
    13. 2013 to 2015
    14. I created an online database for storage of the information related to managers of the company and also their salaries.
    15. I generated reports on the turnover of the employees and also the monthly reports on compensation.
    16. Clarified the policies of human resources and also procedures to the employees.
    17. Evaluated the performances of the employees and delivered the disciplinary notices.
    18. Assisted in the development and also training of the staff in all the aspects.
    19. Awards
    20. I was awarded as the most active and engaged employee at Directive Group Holdings during the company’s stakeholders award of 2014.
    21. I got an award during the scholar leadership awards event in Massachusetts Institute of Technology for being the most promising practitioner.

    Chiras, D., & Crea, D. (2014). Internet job search and unemployment durations. The American Economic Review, 94(1), 218-232.