Justification of the Project Plans

Justification of the Project Plans

I chose excel because I was in a position to create a milestone chart by using excel formulas and tools provided by it. With it, I was in a position to plot the timeline of events easily and it would clearly be shown without the need of drawing diagrams in a word or any other project management. To get more insight and knowledge on how to create a Milestone chart, I made reference to a YouTube Video from Trump Excel channel, here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8h0p960cqQ

To differentiated Agile and waterfall models, I chose to start with similar task number on January and do them indicating the remaining number of work. At the end I plotted bars to overlap and made the remaining work invisible. The red shaded region Agile model shows tasks overlapping and on waterfall mode nothing overlaps (Ajam, 2018). . I believe this technique clearly shows the main differences.


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