Justification Report Presentation



Implementation of Employee Accountability Policy Justification Report – Presentation

Prepared by:Professor Amy RofailENG 315 – Professional Communicationsdate

Implementation of Employee Accountability




EOIR Technologies is growing as a company, and more employees are coming on board. As managers, we feel it is important to develop an employee accountability policy to ensure that all employee actions are in the best interest of the company. We feel that implementing a new policy for employee accountability and responsibility will help EOIR and the employees succeed as a unit.



Problem Statement

EOIR Technologies currently does not have a particular policy for employee accountabilityMany employees aren’t aware of EOIR’s company policies and guidelines, which can result in confusion and lack of accountabilityAs the company continues to grow, employee accountability of work produced, and adherence to company guidelines and policies must be a daily part of each employee’s routineIf an employee’s responsibilities are not completed and functions of the job are not performed properly, then the company will ultimately suffer.



Overview of Proposed Alternatives

Alternative A – Team Incentive ProgramsCan help employees reach their highest level of accountability and potential by allowing them to motivate themselvesteam building projectsgames that enable the employees to work together towards reaching and achieving one common goalAlternative B – Monitor Employee ProgressWill help keep them motivated to be productivenew time and attendance software that will monitor their hours worked each daySMART Goals that each employee will need to begin utilizing


Criteria for Success

The following five criteria were used to determine which alternative will be the most successful for EOIR Technologies.Employee accountability – Which alternative results in the highest level of employee accountability?Employee productivity – Which alternative results in the highest level of employee productivity? Employee training – Which alternative provides the best methods for incorporating employee training? Employee Responsibility – Which alternative provides the best method to create employee responsibility?Employee success – Which alternative will produce the highest level of employee success within the company?



Evaluation of Alternatives


Employee AccountabilityAlternative A: Employees are rewarded for reaching or exceeding goals which will motivate them to be more accountableAlternative B: Employees who are aware their work and daily duties are being monitored are more likely to have a higher level of accountability for their actionsEmployee ProductivityAlternative A: Employees will want to be more productive in order to receive the incentives available to themAlternative B: If an employee knows his/her work is being monitored on a daily or weekly basis, they will want to automatically increase their productivity


Evaluation of Alternatives Cont.

Employee TrainingAlternative A: Team incentive programs can be utilized to incorporate employee training, which can create a more enjoyable atmosphere for employees when fulfilling training that is necessary for them to complete their dutiesAlternative B: Training can be incorporated into each employee’s SMART Goals, and monitored through the execution of their daily tasksEmployee ResponsibilityAlternative A: Team incentive programs provide employees with opportunities to motivate themselves which gives them a sense of responsibility towards their individual dutiesAlternative B: Employees whose progress is monitored and reported are responsible for completing their tasks and reaching their goals



Evaluation of Alternatives Cont.

Employee SuccessAlternative A: Incentive programs can motivate employees to be more successful, and also pay tribute to high levels of employee success. Incentives are only received when employees reach certain levels of performance, so this automatically increases the employees’ level of success within the companyAlternative B: Close monitoring of employee progress can help managers better evaluate employee performance in order to help them succeed within the company.



Finding & Analysis

Incentive programs give employees more freedom in the ways they fulfill accountability, responsibility, and increase productivity within their positionsMonitoring employee progress will also fulfill accountability, responsibility, and increase productivity, but employees could feel more constricted by their tasks and dutiesOverall, both alternatives will help employees be more accountable and responsible for the tasks, it appears that Alternative A will be the best option for the success of the company.


Figure 1: Graphic Analysis of Findings


Closing Recommendations

It is recommended that EIOR Technologies implements employee incentive programs to help boost accountability, responsibility, and success. Employee incentive programs will be enjoyable for the employees and allow them to have fun while at work. Happier employees are more productive and feel more accountable for their work.